How it works Lightning

(Radius lightning rod protection system and a conventional lightning rod protection system)
When a negative electric charge in the bottom of the cloud are fulfilled, then the positive charge on the ground will soon be interested. Electric charge then immediately creeping up through the cable conductor, leading to the end of the rod lightning rod. When a negative electric charge are quite close on the roof, the power of attraction between the two charges is getting stronger, the positive charge at the ends of the lightning rods to gravitate toward the negative charge. The second meeting of the charge generating electricity. The electric current will flow into the ground, through the cable conductor, thus the lightning strike is not about buildings. But lightning can propagate into the building through a wire electricity networks and dangers can damage electronic equipment in the building connected to the electricity grid, but it also can cause a fire or explosion. To prevent damage caused by lightning electricity network, usually inside buildings fitted with an instrument called an electric current stabilizer (surge arrestor) that serves as an internal lightning protection system.
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Periodic checks / routine lightning rod installation
Each installation of lightning rods should be controlled or checked regularly once a year and ahead of the rainy season (Internal Check), expected during the rainy season the building will be safe from the danger of lightning. because of the danger of lightning more often threatened during the rainy season.

As the Indonesian government regulations RI NO. : PER. 02 / MEN / 1989 SUPPLIER OF THE SUPERVISION OF INSTALLATION LIGHTNING, then periodic checks by the relevant agencies / Manpower conducted every 2 years, this is possible if the user is aware of the need for safety for employees that exist around the workplace and terlingdungi of the danger of lightning.
How to Install Lightning Home, Office and Factory

Linghtning Counter
Lightning Counter is a useful tool to find out the number of lightning strikes on an anti-lightning installations (lightning rod) or metal structures are at the building, a lightning counter (event counter) is useful as anti-lightning function analyzer installed in a particular location.

Lightning rod
How to Install Lightning Home, Office and Factory
Installing a lightning rod for homes, offices, buildings and factories is providing the channel electrically from the top of the building of homes, offices, buildings and factories to the ground with a goal when there are lightning strikes on top of houses, offices and factories, then the lightning current can flow to grounding earth with good and fast and does not flow to the place we do not want. BC standard cable in use is at least 50 mm “(SNI) or more, to choose the cables below 50 mm” is not recommended even though the reality on the ground is very much in use and we do not recommend. BC because the cable is below 50 mm less than the maximum in terms dampen samabaran lightning and instead use BC cables above 50 mm instead is highly recommended in the system radius protection lightning rod or a conventional lightning rod protection system to dampen samabran lightning.

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