How to Choose the Right Condolence for a Funeral

B-Thoughtful – Funerals are a difficult time for deceased families and thus, choosing the right flowers for such an event is a task that must be tread with a lot of thought, respect and sensitivity. Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing a condolence flower to mourn:

Here Is How To Choose The Right Condolence Flower For A Funeral Ceremony


Choosing the Right Type of Flower Arrangements

Usually, evergreens or board garlands from close family members. For those who are not related to family, bouquets of flowers and bouquets in vases are the best, plus they are easily transported to take home.

Choosing Types of Flowers Based on Gender

People often choose certain flowers depending on the sex of the individual who has just passed. For example, a woman’s condolence flower may be a mixture of pastel and soft colors, while the appearance of men’s flowers has a darker color. This does not always have to be the case and it really depends on individual personalities and their family choices.

Choosing Types of Flowers Based on Their Meaning

Lilies are popular burial flowers, especially white star larga. Types of lilies generally symbolize sympathy when displayed in white. Reconnaissance lilies come in a variety of colors and can be mixed and matched depending on what you want to convey to the recipient of the flowers. In general, all types of lilies represent innocence and purity, a beautiful message for the family of the deceased.

Roses are a popular and well-known flower. They can be dressed in a coffin spray display or dress in a simple vase depending on how you want the appearance of flowers to appear. It has often been said that different colored roses represent different meanings; for example, red roses are often noted as romantic flowers to give to your partner. White roses are a great symbol of youth and humility.

Carnations are a great flower choice for a funeral. This fragrant bloom symbolizes love and pure memory, which is the perfect message to send to a deceased family. Not only are their messages sweet, but they are very strong flowers and they will last long after the funeral service is over. Pink carnation is often associated with Mother’s Day, so maybe it’s best to avoid sending pink at a funeral.

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Choosing Condolence for Children

Light, simple flowers like daisies are a wonderful choice for a child’s funeral. Sometimes florists can make funeral bouquets in the form of toys or children’s animals. Sprinkling white and pink roses is also a great addition to a child’s coffin. White lilies and chrysanthemums are also a safe bet. Chrysanthemum is actually a symbol of death in many European countries and is often only used for burial or to be placed in a grave. In other countries they represent lamentation and sadness. Chrysanthemum is a funeral flower that is tried and true for all types of services, be it small children or parents.

There are many types of flowers and flower arrangements to choose from for funeral services. Sometimes it is best to remember what kind of person you are celebrating. Maybe your flower is a choice based on that person’s favorite color, or maybe their favorite type of rose is in their garden.

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