How to create a zen atmosphere in your bedroom

The first thing to be clear is the difference between creating a zen atmosphere, creating a zen style. You can create a harmonious environment giving any decor and in turn create a harmonious atmosphere zen making use of feng shui and appropriate decorative style with a Zen distributions, more at Home Design

How to create a zen atmosphere in your bedroom

How can we get it?

It should be clear what we want to use our bedroom, with what environment we breathe in every day
1. Environment reading

It is available from the creation of point lights.

Creating spectacular corners for its completion

2. Romantic setting
To do this we will use decorative excellent tools that give us the desired environment:

1) Salt lamps

They provide warmth in the atmosphere, in turn we took advantage of their therapeutic properties

They help against allergies, reduce headaches and migraine, reduces the severity of asthma attacks, may enhance the immune system and increase productivity at work.

There are salt lamps that connect to the computer via a USB port

Salt lamps promote concentration, reduce susceptibility to the flu.

In turn it becomes a decorative and functional element in the decoration and modern lifestyle.

2) aromatic Elements

Or incense sticks to burn essences scented roses connoted we love. And of course, as a general and universal knowledge, candles:
scented candles to decorate

They benefit the romantic especially in red, white and pink color, the smell will always be stimulating cinnamon, orange and pink.

Decorate your home with Feng Shui style and rest better than ever. Through our platform you can request a quote online decor and receives up to 4 budgets and compared.

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