How to fix dry lips Naturally

How to fix dry lips Naturally

one part of the body that is able to attract the attention of others is lips. For every man and woman, lips like one of the charism of the complement can increase confidence. But what happens when the body is experiencing problems such as dry or even cracked. Of course the daily appearance of being distracted and causing a loss of confidence. To address this, we have rangkumkan some how to fix dry lips chapped and below. Through these methods is guaranteed your lips will restore beautiful and mesmerizing ramuan untuk menghilangkan bau ketiak.

How to fix dry lips how to cope with dry lips Naturally and fast


How to fix dry lips naturally this time utilizing the natural ingredients such as fruit and vegetables that you can easily meet. (Read also How Redden Lips Naturally). For more details refer to the straight 8 natural way:

The carrot is very beneficial for skin moisturizing, one of which is the skin of the lips. Here’s how: Grate one carrot stems and then squeeze until carrot juice is obtained. Cider drinking wortelnya and apply the dregs remaining carrot juice on lips until evenly then the lips chapped lip color will be lost and become brighter.

Vitamin C found in the cucumbers were able to restore moisture to the lips naturally. Here’s how: simply massage the lips part slowly using strips of cucumber at least twice a day.

No need to doubt about the vitamin C found in citrus fruits. Only with mengonsumsinya directly or make it into a juice problem dry lips can be resolved at the same time being able to strengthen the resistance of the body.

It turns out that Tomatoes contain vitamin C which is quite powerful to cope with dry lips. Here’s how: apply the tomato slices on the lips while memijatnya slowly at least 2 times a day so that the moisture can be maintained with good lips

Sweet liquid that comes from bees have benefits for skin moisturizing lip. Honey is a moisturizer which also has antibacterial and healing properties to treat chapped lips. Here’s how: just Dab honey on the lips evenly and slowly in order for pijatlah moist lips and keep it not cracked. Do this every day to get maximum results

The sugar will help exfoliate dead cells from chapped lips, to restore softness with faster. Here’s how: Mix two teaspoons of sugar with a teaspoon of honey, until soft. Then apply the mixture to the lips and leave on for 3-5 minutes. After that, use your fingers to rub the mixture gently around on the lip to loosen dead skin cells. Wash with warm water.

In addition to beautiful roses, are also useful to heal chapped lips. It will also help the lips moist and enhances coloration. Here’s how: wash the rose petals in the net in the water. Soak rose petals in milk for a few hours. Remat rose petals into the dough. And then apply it on dry lips 2-3 times a day and every night before bed.

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