How to make a wedding flower bouquet

B-thoughtful Tomorrow is your wedding day but you have never bought a bouquet of flowers, because you are busy with other matters, wedding flowers are a big part of your bride’s look and going DIY means you can make something more significant and useful for you. Our calm here will give you 7 steps to make hand flowers (hand flower bouquets).

However, it is very important to get the right technique so that you get a beautiful finish from the clutch not from flowers that don’t match! To show you how to make a wedding bouquet, talk to Flower expert Louise, who has Louise Avery Flowers, to get step-by-step tips.

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You will need:

  • Tissue paper (for work)
  • Scissors or scissors
  • Strap or raffia
  • An old spray bottle filled with air
  • Decorative ribbons, lace or fabric for handles
  • A mirror works in front
  • Clean the tea cloth
  • 12-24 flower and selected stem leaves
  • The flower of your choice
  • Leafy flower stalks

Here is how to make a wedding flower bouquet

Step One – Choose Your Flowers

Preparation is very important if you want to make your own wedding bouquet. Think about what flowers you want to include and remember which flowers match the color of your wedding. To help you choose the flowers to be included, our flower advice is roses, orchids, tulips or lilies.

But when did you buy flowers? “Free to buy flowers a few days before the wedding is enough, but cut flowers compiling them in tight buds must be purchased early, such as freesia or lilies, because they need longer to open, looking for the best for the big day”.

Step Two – Start Preparing the Materials

After you get your interest, you are ready to start! “Lay your ingredients on a large table or workbench for easy access and place all flower stems directly on tissue paper to protect the bruised flowers,

“Prepare flowers and stem leaves by peeling all the leaves, buds and shoots that will be below the point where you tie the stem. The area below the binding point will form a bouquet bond and stripping it will be more comfortable for your needs.”

Remember that you will work one hand because you will hold your bouquet constantly on the other side! So please write your handwriting freely.

Step Three – Choose Interest Focus and Work Around It

‘Start with the main flower you want to use in the middle and tie the rope or raffia to the stem at the point that will become the base of the bouquet and the upper part of the bond. Add leaves around this center in bloom and tie with rope or raffia. ”

Step Four – Continue to try More Flowers

After starting with your middle flower, you can overcome it and start making your bouquet! It might also be a good idea to take a photo in front of you for inspiration if you want a certain bouquet look.

Step Five – Saving Overnight Flowers

After you add all the flowers and tie them safely, it’s important to keep the bouquet really perfect for your wedding day! Making a beautiful looking handle will be a chore for the morning – it won’t be long, let you go time to do this!

Step Six – Decorate Move Bouquet

Eek, this is your big morning! But don’t forget about the bouquet, it’s best to finish before you change clothes because you don’t want any color from the flowers to rub off on the fabric! Louise explains how to add the last decoration to your DIY wedding bouquet:

‘On the morning of the wedding, the dry rod will form a handle with clean tea cloth. Place and tape the wind, lace or spare cloth around the stem to arrange an attractive and comfortable handle for the bouquet (and to close the rope). Secure ribbons or fabrics with beautiful pearls or diamante pins that you can get from a craft shop. ”

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Step Seven – Cut the Edge of the Rod to Finish!

Your phenomena are almost there, now stop cutting the stalks to tidy up and complete the base of your bouquet!

Choose the length of holding a bouquet and cut the stem accordingly to reveal as many natural stems as you want. If you plan to bring the bouquet as an arm spray, always hold the handle holding a longer length for comfort and balance.


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