How to Make Your Own T-Shirt Prints of late Copy and Drug Mosquitoes

This time I tried going to make sablonan own dikaos. and it turned out really really easy way.

1. Materials needed disiapin:
Shirts that will be printed (If possible white or other bright colors)
Design will be printed. This design is printed directly desain kaos photocopied. Because if the results print print dijadiin screen printing, the results are less good. Oh yes, the result should create a design that agan yes contrived first mirror (made upside-down left right) as though the results are not reversed fitting shirts to be printed later.

2. Well steps:
Olesin design paper fotocopyan you with Autan. Anyway all the parts that want printed dikaos must already diolesin Autan yes. Olesinnya little bit thicker yes.
The paper put on the clothes that you want to screen. Then you board the paper with high heat. Diseterikanya enough to Autan so dry wrote.
Stay lift deh. Design that had already moved there on paper now kaosmu. Easy huh?
3. Suggestions:
For the first time tried, should dikaos ugly or cloth already not kepake wrote. So if the results are bad it’s okay. All learn, hehehe.
Search photocopied black ink so that the results are good and nice fit dikaos printed later.
Pas lift the paper from the shirt, slowly wrote. So if there is a part that has not stuck, you can iron it again.
For quality sablonannnya, yes not guarantee ya. His name is also printing beginian. Do disamain same DTG printing or screen printing other manufacturers. For ane shirts screen printing, so far weve already washed and somewhat so thin sablonannya.
There are nyaranin, screened gini abis can use spray paint sprayed Phylox are clear (translucent) though more durable fitting Dicui. Ane just not trying.

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