Hypnotic eyes Customers With Branding Strategy Via Color

Hypnotic eyes Customers With Branding Strategy Via Color


It has long, marketing experts find the formula that color is one of the media in the business world who have a major influence on the affairs of branding. Bak contain magical powers, the color can be the identity of a brand that the consumer is able to recognize even a glimpse of the eye.

Colors, too, who make more diverse realm of modern marketing. In the past, when all the media are still just colored “chessboard”, the potential power of color as a means #branding strategy has not been too visible. But now when all the media marketing full variety of colors, makes the determination of the color becomes increasingly central in building a business.

So what exactly is the importance of paying attention to color branding for business purposes? Here’s his review.

Color, Media Branding Strategies Million Meaning

While the streets outside, a sudden flash of you feel looking at a building with illuminated logo in red, blue and yellow. With a distinctive shape, I am very sure colleagues will not be difficult memahai whether the brand logo. No other Indomaret the minimarket. Even though we were driving, and was looking for a place to sell daily necessities, from far away the logo colors of red, blue, yellow we will quickly recognize. Never experienced?

Well this is a small example of how the colors take on a very large part of the customers awareness (consumer attention). But it should be understood, of course the color determination can not be made arbitrarily. Because, basically every color carries meaning and message of its own that, if used properly, it will provide maximum results for our business.

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More complete the following 3 main reasons the importance of choosing the color in branding a business strategy efforts.

1. Delivering Objectives

The first reason is because the color is able to convey our business goals clearly. Each product certainly has advantages and functions that you want highlighted on the consumer. And in the business world is increasingly fierce competition, a brand that fails to deliver clear goals will be more easily eliminated even harder ogled by consumers.

For example, a light blue color is closely associated with something calm or soothe. And if we realize that many brands miniman good mineral water to beverages that use a light blue color wrapped in white as the base color of the packaging or logo. Here to say that the brand has the goal that the products can make consumers feel calm and relieved after sipping the product.

Exemplarily in contrast can be seen from my own experience. Quite intriguing, some time ago I saw an ad beverages to cope with the heat, but using bright red packaging. For myself who likes to drink a solution of a refresher, I still would be difficult to be interested if they see these products dijajaran storefront cold drinks. Unless the energy drinks, the red color may be precise enough to be used.

2. Being First Impression Points

Forwarding a final example I gave, I would hard early on only interested if I use different colors to what I’m looking for or think about. Here the first impression is very closely related to the color and shape or writing. But the focus on color, item this one is the most rapidly captured by the eye and transmitted to the brain, to decide we are interested or not.

Connecting a first impression with the importance of the use of color can also be specified with a lot of other things as well as our target market will be wandering. Pink to target the women, blue for men, as well as bright colors for the target children are some common examples of how color can influence consumers to the brand first impression of our products.

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3. Provide Impression Persuasive

And the last reason is the color can give the impression of deep persuasive for consumers. It has even been studied by a business analyst named Michael Campbell. In one of his books explained how some of the special color has the power to transfer the impression persuasive to someone.

And in terms of product branding, the persuasive impression is needed so that consumers be assured and confident to choose our products. For example, the blue color will be easier to gain confidence when seen, not surprisingly many products that use that color as the base color or the attributes of their products. To note is that we are obliged to carry out testing the use of certain colors to find the best consumer response.

The above information about the importance of color in an effort branding strategy can still be combined with other techniques such as in terms of shape or brand names in order to provide maximum results.

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