Kitchen Decorating Ideas 2015

Then we offer some advice and solutions on design and Kitchen Decorating Ideas 2015.

Design Tips

kitchen decorating ideas 2015

  • Remember to start defining where will be located the areas of cooking, washing and food preparation, forming the “work triangle”. Set the minimum to work without feeling uncomfortable dimensions.
  • In small kitchens take all available space from floor to ceiling.
  • If the kitchen allows, incorporating a dining room or breakfast bar in the kitchen. This will allow you to integrate the family while cooking or as an alternative to the main dining room of the house.
  • If you start from scratch, it is advisable that the kitchen is next to the garden to enjoy an outdoor area for summer meals. Also direct and convenient access to the parking garage to unload shopping.
  • An inevitable to build from scratch the kitchen detail: placing well distributed enough power to provide electricity and enough natural light environments.
  • To visually enlarge the kitchen they can be used without doors furniture and objects in view, unless it is evident we impractical.
  • You can also place stainless steel plates on the walls on the counter, acting mirror. Expand the space, they are an excellent material for cooking (resist heat and water) and provide sense of hygiene.
  • If space allows it is always advantageous to have a free area next to the cooking area to serve the dishes.
  • The best option for long, narrow kitchen, with doors at the ends, is to have areas on the side walls.

Windows and Lighting Ideas

  • The distribution of kitchen areas, whenever possible, should be able to adapt to the natural lighting. Looking for a good orientation between windows and Diy Granite Kitchen Countertops can give a correct and functional design.
  • Keep the windows are behind the work area. This situation will cast shadows and often force us to use artificial light.
  • The best distribution is to locate the areas of work, especially the pool, under a window. It is important to note avoid glare in case of direct sunlight, controlling the entry of light curtains.
  • Artificial lighting can be divided into general or localized spot. With an overall light we get a well-lit environment, providing punctual for work areas that require it.

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