Know Your Guitar Technique and Tip Violining On-tip


In the game, especially the electric guitar many diverse techniques that we know and one of them is what is often touted as Violining techniques. Of course you are a guitarist must be very familiar with this jual gitar murah technique because this technique could be considered attractive but still did not leave the essence of the game kenaturalan electric guitar. Moreover, if viewed from Violining name itself comes from the word that has meaning violin violin, so you could say this technique is the technique of playing the guitar to sound like a violin.


Broadly speaking Violining technique is a technique that utilizes guitar volume parameter, which produces the sound of a guitar with a unique sound and then turn off the volume slowly. In this way the resulting sound will sound quite similar to the sound dihasil by friction musical instruments the violin. So with such techniques is of course also will add to the feel of the game your guitar to sound more beautiful, although we played songs rock genre.


The legend says Violining techniques like this in the beginning was created by a George Harrison, the guitarist of the legendary super band The Beatles. But unfortunately we have yet to find accurate information about it, because we did not find its source in writing.



Some guitarists the world who often play such a technique is Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie Van Halen, Vito Brata (Ex White Lion) and others. If you want to know some of the songs of those who use the technique Violining is the intro song Vengeance of Yngwie (some lesson Yngwie too much on Youtube), Cry For Freedom of the White Lion, I Can not Stop Loving You from Van Halen in the interlude or solo melody.


Violining technique can be done in two ways: with the guitar volume knob or volume can also pedal guitar (both analog as well as digital effects pedal on). If you want melalukannya with volume knob, just do the little finger, which quotes one but the tone volume off position, then turn the little finger is slowly turning the volume knob. But if you want to do with the volume pedal, is also almost the same but using a foot, which is press one pedal tone in the off position and then stepped on the volume pedal slowly.


Here are a few tips in Violining guitar techniques that you can try.

  1. Better use of distortion and delay effect is rather long, so the sound will be clearer.
  2. When you slowly turn the volume parameter (either using a knob or pedal), it is better if followed by a left finger vibrato technique for pressing fingerboard.
  3. Use the guitar volume pot with a larger size (minimum of 500k or greater is better suit the tastes). Because if you use a larger pot, the volume parameter will be deeper, so it will be more convenient and easier to Violining techniques.
  4. In addition, if you are using a digital effect, do not forget setting accelerator pedal becomes volume.

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