Love Song (Tesla) -Chord, lyrics and Review

Love Song (Tesla) -Chord, lyrics and Review

How are all the rocker friends wherever you are, is long enough admin This blog is not updated article for you all who have the soul of a rocker who likes to rock music. But sometimes if we are too often harga gitar ibanez listened to or played rock songs must also have a sense of a little saturated, so it’s good also if interspersed with the more slow songs in the style of the rocker namely slow rock music.


In this regard let us discuss a slow song or a rock power ballad that has been released for a long time, namely, titled “Love Song” property of the legendary rock band Tesla. I am sure if you are a fan of the power ballad song would know with this sweet song, especially if you are ever younger era of the late 80s to the early 90s.


“Love Song” was released in 1989 in an album titled “The Great Radio Controversy” or the second album from this American band, besides this song also became one of the legendary series of slow rock music world that will never go away until anytime. It is also evident in the period of 24 years (as of now in 2013), the song is still frequently played diradio-radio and other media until now.


In accordance with the title song, the sweet song of the Tesla has a theme of love with the text of the lyrics are poetic and touching. It also can be seen from a fragment of the lyrics to “Love Song”, which reads “Love will find a way – darlin ‘, love is gonna find a way, Find its way back to you, Love will find a way – oh just look around , look around Open up your eyes now, honey “. Even Besides the lyrics to this song also has a slow musical arrangements and good to hear even more if we listen to the intro part with a touch of an acoustic guitar is beautiful and felt peaceful when I heard.


Maybe for some of you when listening to a song from Tesla’s slow, it will remind you to someone who has been in your heart or may also recall the beautiful moments terterntu. Therefore, after reviewing a bit of Tesla’s beautiful song, do not forget, this blog will be a little share of lyrics and guitar chord or key for the song.

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