Make Up Tips for Eyes

Some makeup tips for small eyes
Do you have too small eyes and you dream to have them bigger? You must not worry since a series of very simple makeup techniques help to enlarge the eyes. Stars like Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and the use and abuse it, so why not you?┬ádiscover info about “harga wardah white secret” here


Secret 1: a perfectly shaped eyebrows

Eyebrows, too thick, bushy, but also too thin to be removed on a makeup small eyes. It should open the eyes with a well drawn eyebrows line that not only offers the illusion of a more youthful look, provides the illusion of bigger eyes.

Eye Makeup

Secret 2: correct dark circles and unify the eyelid

Concealer should be applied based on light tapping on the area below the eyes. They camouflage dark circles because it is an essential gesture as they obscure the eyes and make the eyes look smaller.

You must apply a base eye shadow on the eyelid to brow. It places this basis that not only allows you to set the eyeshadow on the eyelid all day but also illuminates the eyelid and helps to open the eyes.

A little tip: if you do not have appropriate eye shadow, concealer can be applied instead. But if your eye shadow tends to come, you should invest in a database eyelid better quality, you will see that not lament the end.

Secret 3: How to choose and apply eye shadow?

You should always opt for a pearl eye shadow since it is a good ally for small eyes. Clear eye shadow pearly beige, pink beige, sand, golden beige, on the eyelid to illuminate and open the look is applied. It should be applied a base shade darker eyes, brown, violet, copper, from the middle of the eye, starting hollow lid, stretching outwards. It should add a touch of the same shade in the outer corner of the eyelid always stretching outward.

If you do not have dark circles or are well camouflaged, you can apply a lighter shade below the eye first half of the eyes, and the dark underside of the second half. In this way the eyes appear larger.

You can also think of a fluffy brush to melt the eyeshadow on the eyelids.

small eyes


Secret 4: draw a line with the eyeliner

On the eyelid, should draw using a kohl eyeliner pencil or a dark color, black, dark gray, dark blue, dark violet, etc. by the line of eyelashes. The line should be fine at the beginning of the lash line and then be gaining in width. To enlarge While the eye and give a nice almond shaped, can be drawn about what are called Wings, or wings.

For women who have difficulty to draw the line with eyeliner, they can opt for a line with kohl pencil and thus helping blur the makeup gently with a cotton swab. The line with the eyeliner requires some skill and practice more.

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