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Martini glass is perfect for a chilled martini, gimlet, cosmopolitan and fabricated alike added to by the cardinal of celebrities and scenes in accepted movies. These glasses are fabricated with affected diffuse system so that drinks can be kept algid after the abetment of ice. This is the acumen why beverages served with ice do not crave system. Drinks such as martinis Aftertouch button comfortable aback housed in continuedglasses with at all-embracing bowl.

The Martini glass should just go away. The shape can’t do that much to “open up” the gin contained therein, so can we please lose the upside down cone design? Instead, how about an oversized Champagne coupe? They’re open, just like a Martini glass, but they have more of a lip so you don’t wind up with the sloshing problem. They’re also elegant and reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, an era when the Martini first rose to popularity. No matter what, the coupe is a much better alternative. Heck, any glass is a much better alternative to the Martini glass. We live in a world where we send replicas of WALL-E to Mars. It’s about time someone finally made drinking Martinis manageable?

Martini Glass Centerpices | Cocktail Glass Centerpieces

Check out some of these martini center pieces. What do you think?  Does anyone have any other suggestions?


Candles in Martini glasses look very cool and can be a great decoration piece. Floating candles in a Martini glass are striking, or nestle a candle in the bowl with pearls or beads.

Or you can flip them over and have the candles sit on the bases, with a decoration under the bowl!

Classy, elegant, simple. Add pearls or beads to your Martini glasses for pretty decorations for your home or special events.pearl-martini-glass-centerpieces

Like this? See This gold paper lantern centerpieces.

Still not enough, complete information of lantern centerpieces for wedding ideas.

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