“Masha and the Bear”, Cartoon Cute Russian

origin who Medium So Primadona at the quiz unduhan (3)

WHAT your favorite cartoon today? Do Doraemon? or Spongebob Squarepants? The cartoon ah long, but still a favorite. Introduce a new cartoon on our national TV, Masha And The Bear (MATB). Even though in their home country has been running since the past 2009 years, but in Indonesia itself known cartoon new lately.

Russian cartoon was aired at the quiz was originally aired only once a day at 4:30 pm slot. Obtained high rating of this cartoon makes this cartoon quiz aired for 3 hours a day, running in the morning starting at 6 am to 8 am and aired afternoons starting at 4 to 5 pm.

Animated images Masha and The Bear delicate and alluring eyes. Selection of an appropriate dubber for Marsha figures also become its appeal. Not surprisingly, the quiz does not serve this with language dubbing cartoons. Quiz gives subtitle Indonesian to any dialogue in this cartoon.

What is interesting from the cartoon Masha and the Bear this? One of them is a unique character characterizations. The Masha, Hadith small pink gown and front bangs are hyperactive character. So hiperaktifnya, whole animals forest dwellers so avoid its arrival. Masha always wanted to know and make trouble. Wherever he is, always happens furor.

While the furry brown bear is a large forest dwellers who love peace and quiet. But who would have thought if Masha end up good friends with the bear. From here then interwoven many exciting stories.
Beginning of the meeting Masha and the bear is when Masha is being bored. The whole pet cowering because Masha Masha arrival. After seeing a butterfly, Masha then chasing butterflies up into the woods.

Masha then see the apple tree and eat all the fruit in the tree. When they want to want to eat the most apples high, Masha instead of falling. He fell in derivatives to enter the front yard bears. Masha was dropped domesticated bee hives and then chased the bear and the bee.

The bear then returning fishing surprised to find that his house has been messy conditions are not known. He was also surprised to see Masha was jumping up and down on his bed. The bear was trying to make Masha out of his house. However, the basis of his Masha hyperactive, he returned home to bears.

The bear growled and then brought Masha on the bike and leave it alone. So it was already evening, the bear became concerned themselves with the fate of the little girl Masha for fear it will be eaten by wild animals. Then, the bear went back into the woods looking for Masha, but the results are worth it. Once back home, it turned out Masha already in the house bears and mess that he has made. The bear was so relieved and happy with the deed and then hugged Masha Masha. Masha the bear was delivered to his home back.

In another episode is told when the bear preoccupied with reading at home warm while enjoying a cup of hot tea, Masha came interfere with various curiosity. He was always asking a bear to do this and that. In the end, it always keeps pesky bear. Masha is always a way to find what he wanted.

Interestingly in this case. Masha and the nature of the typical laughter hiperaktifnya this is the main attraction of this cartoon. Not surprisingly, Masha and the Bear became one of the flagship program of the quiz. Although tayangannya continues to be repeated, the author can still enjoy the meal. Hopefully, no more new episodes of this cartoon well.

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