Most ponds ciamik in Java and Indonesia It Worth You Visit, Lifetime Once!

I don’t know. And i believe now, I don’t mind.

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My existence is preferable to when you are still inside it. Fortunate: first departure wasn’t useless.

Review concerning the natural tourist locations in Indonesia really is limitless. Beaches, waterfalls, savannah lands towards the greatest within this country happen to be examined Hipwee. However, this information will show tourist attraction us from various sides.

Still about character, but we’ll briefly enjoy the most amazing ponds within the island of Java and Indonesia. Well, the places which apparently includes a breathtaking and remarkable beauty? Let’s explore together!

1. During visit to Bandung, make time to visit Situ. Panorama lake looks more beautiful with ornaments pine trees towering.

Lake Situpatenggang

Situ may be the title of the exotic lake situated in the feet of Mount Patuha. Precisely situated in District Rancabali, Bandung regency, West Java, Situ beauty is known from coast to coast.

A lake using the water surface so quiet that progressively looks stunning once the surrounding overgrown with pine trees towering. The climate is calm and awesome air is guaranteed to help you comfortable while going to there. By simply going for a 1.5 hour drive from downtown Bandung and pay admission between 18 1000 – 20 1000, moments going to Situ certainly won’t be easily forgotten.

2. If you wish to have the atmosphere of character within the city center, just sambangi Situ Gede who grew to become a popular place to go for citizens of Bogor and it is surroundings!

Situ Gede

You who reside in West Java, precisely in ??Bogor may be worth mentioning lucky. Since the place named “Rain City” switched to possess a tourist attraction magnificent. Yup, Situ Gede or generally also known as Lake or Lake Gede Gede may be the area points of interest 6 hectares composed of ponds and forests. Since about 10 km from the middle of Bogor, leisure facilities that one be a favorite destination Bogor citizens and surrounding know!

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