Nominations Film Festival Indonesia 2012

Nominations Film Festival Indonesia 2012


In total there are 20 movie titles and 51 names listed in the film worker nomination Indonesian Film Festival (FFI) in 2012. “The number of films that the committee received this year increased compared to last year so that his nomination was more diverse,” said Duto Sulistio, Chairman of the Executive Committee of FFI 2012 , although he did not explain how big improvement.

Who and which film will take home the Citra will be determined when the night conferring in Fort Vrederburg, Yogyakarta, December 8, 2012. “The decision to hold the FFI in Yogyakarta must have been thought through by the committee,” said Mari Elka Pangestu, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, “We would like to open up greater opportunities for people in the area to participate enliven the FFI. If we remember the FFI who had known, we can see how the joy of the people waiting for the parade of artists each FFI organized. ”

As in previous years, FFI gave awards in four areas: movie theaters, short films, documentaries and television movies. In the category of movie theaters, Demi Ucok, House in Thousand Waves, Land Heaven … He said, Lovely Man, and Soegija dominate. Demi Ucok, House in Thousand Waves, and the Land of Heaven … He said got eight nominations, while Lovely Man and Soegija acquire seven. The fifth film is also a nominee for best movie theaters.

For the short film category, Rare Receh attract the attention of its own. The film is produced by junior high school students 4 Karangmoncol, Purbalingga. Frames generate the same school, a short film which received a special award FFI 2010. Other nominees are works Satria Long Imagine Adiyasa, Jakarta Arts Institute graduate filmmakers and activists of the Student Filmmaker Forum Bandung; Wan An Yandy works Laurens, filmmakers IKJ; Tigers hunt Derwanti Arman works, which 95% of the production team is composed of students of Art Institute of Makassar; and Secrets of the work Nindya Raras Nareswari, who was also a finalist LA Lights Indie Fest 2011.

FFI documentary nomination this year is dominated by the production of documentary television stations: two from Reuters TV (Bandung Cross Period and Wae Rebo), one of the TVRI (“Bena” Megalithic Eksotika). They will compete with the work of Nur In Power Limit Fitriah Napiz and A Short Story of Raden Saleh Syarif Bustaman Subiyanto work.



Best Film

Demi Ucok

Lovely Man

Home in Thousand Waves


Heaven land … He said


Film director

Erwin Arnada (House in Thousand Waves)

Hanung bramantyo (Paper Boat)

HERWIN NOVIANTO (Land of Heaven … He said)

Sammaria Simanjuntak (Demi Ucok)

Teddy Soeriaatmadja (Lovely Man)


Original Story writer

Danial Rifki (Land of Heaven … He said)

Emha Ainun Nadjib (Rayya, Light in the Upper Light)

Sammaria Simmanjuntak (Demi Ucok)

Salman Aristo (Garuda in my chest 2)

Teddy Soeriaatmadja (Lovely Man)


Scenario writer

Danial Rifki (Land of Heaven … He said)

Honestly Prananto (House in Thousand Waves)

Sammaria Simanjuntak (Demi Ucok)

Teddy Soeriaatmadja (Lovely Man)

Titien wattimena (Hello Goodbye)


Steering Cinematography

Anggi Frisca (Land of Heaven … He said)

Faozan Rizal (Paper Boat)

Padri Nadeak (House in Thousand Waves)

Yunus Pasolang (Hello Goodbye)

Yudi Datau (Dilemma)

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