Noreen Rahman, Hijabers First Come Sailing Race Around the World

Now more and more women who have professions as men. Some women also do a lot of activities done by the man, is no exception hijabers. Noreen Rahman became one of the veiled women who do so.

As quoted from the BBC, Noreen became the first hijabers who participated in sailing races ’10th Clipper Round The World Yacht Race’. Women who worked as a math teacher that wants to prove that the hijab she could also have achievements. He also has hopes to be able to break the negative stereotypes about women hijab.

“I wear the hijab and I will always pray for this trip,” said Noreen in an interview with NBC.
British woman 32 years old just wanted to prove that the veil does not prevent him to participate in positive activities. Noreen became one of the women of the 700 other participants. Hundreds of participants who signed up were divided into 12 teams, which will spend about a year traveling around the world together to use the sailboat.

Participants who participated came from 44 different countries. They started the journey from St Katharine’s Dock, England. Most of the team will travel first along 6,000 Miles to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Approximately 40% of participants claimed to have no previous sailing experience. Besides having the teaching profession as Noreen, other participants had a job as a doctor, IT, until the student. The age range of participants ranging from 18 to 74 years.

The race is divided into eight rounds. Noreen joined in the England team will sail across the Atlantic for the first round. He said very enthusiastic in participating in the sailing competition. He hoped that this would inspire other veiled women so that they are not afraid to express themselves.

“I am a Pakistani woman and I want to tell girls that they do not have to be limited to the culture. I want them to be able to take challenges in life without having to leave their headscarves, like me who take the challenge to sail in the ocean,” said a woman who lives in Walthamstow, London, England, reported by the Telegraph.

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