Psychological benefits of laughter

You can write hundreds of “Hahahaha” emoticons combined with laughter and even say “I laugh hard.” But none of that can never express the incredible feeling good and strong laughter. That which arises from time to time, of course, and sometimes makes you poke a few tears. Laughing is good.

What was the last YouTube video or Whatsapp explosively that made you laugh? It feels good and will improve mood. And some of us know it’s healthy. Want to know exactly why should we laugh?

You can help with obesity, heart attacks, stress, be more creative and better defend disease, among other things. There are many studies that show why laughter is good for us to psychological and physical level and new research are added every day. Let us first see why we should laugh to keep healthy mind and spirit, then, the effects generated by these episodes in our body.


Reduce stress: Laugh obviously relaxes us. But what lies behind the stress reduction is that during an episode of laughter, lower levels of hormones that generate it, such as cortisol and epinephrine. Laughter produces the opposite effects of stress: strengthens the immune system, relaxes the muscles and improves blood circulation in the coronary arteries, dilates blood vessels and strengthens the heart.
Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety: The anxious or depressed people laugh little. But the more you do, the better, because laughter regulates and modulates the levels of serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin, among others. This promotes good feelings such as relaxation, confidence, motivation, pleasure, happiness, etc. that relieve the sensations in both cases on funny cat videos.
Increases the pain threshold: Endorphins released laughter give a feeling of well-being that helps control pain and allows us to increase our tolerance to it.
It allows socialize better: A healthy dose of joy can help to connect, trust and communicate with people who do not know. If we are in a good mood, we will be more willing to talk. Laughter also enhances the quality of social relations we already have and as primarily a social gesture, researchers believe that people are 30 times more likely to laugh in social situations than when they are alone of funny animal videos.
It reduces aggression: We are arguing heatedly with someone and then something funny happens. End. The voltage is cut for a while and immediately lower levels of aggression. If you have happened to us, it is easy to check. One study showed that a group of youths who watched a funny video in your classroom, responded with lower levels of aggression under stress.
Increases creative thinking: When we have positive emotions, it is easier to access the creativity and imagination to generate answers and solve a problem objectively. Catecholamine release when we laugh, promotes mental functions such as alertness, creativity and memory.

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