Rambutan Fruit for Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Fruit Rambutan – Rambutan is a fruit that can grow with very dawn in the tropics. This fruit comes from an archipelago in Southeast Asia. This includes seasonal fruit pieces so it can not be found or purchased at any time. The fruit skin has a kind of hair rather long, and quite stiff to the touch. Rambutan much in demand because of thick flesh, and also a bit chewy. Type rambutan Rapiah have seeds that can be easily detached from the flesh so that we can be able to enjoy the fruit flesh entirely. There are also types of rambutan Lady who looks very beautiful and attractive. Relatively dense hairs on his skin and red so it will be increasingly mempercantika appearance of this type of fruit rambutan. Rambutan fruit contains a lot of calories, carbohydrates and vitamin C. The fruit has a very easy to digest because the fiber is very much. In addition, the calorie content of fruit rambutan low enough so that it is suitable to support the diet program. Here are some of the benefits for health rambutan.34


Ward off free radicals
Rambutan fruit skin contains a variety of organic compounds are efficacious to health. One of the compounds contained in the rambutan is gallic acid that serves as an antidote to free radicals. In addition, this compound will help protect the body from oxidative damage.

Natural Stamina Enhancer
Rambutan is very suitable to be consumed after exercise because extremely high antioxidant content. High antioxidant substances proven to restore energy after exercise or stamina. We have had a lot of health supplements using bark extracts and fruit rambutan to restore power or energy.

Protecting Kidney Function
The content of phosphorus in rambutan fruit can help maintain the health of the kidneys. Phosphorus efficacious to remove any kind of dirt that is not supposed to settle in the kidneys. Additionally, rambutan can also help maintain the cells and tissues of the body both in terms of repair or renovation. Calcium and phosphorus contained in the fruit rambutan also serves to prevent bone loss.

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