Selebgram Hijab Fashion Show, Catwalk Over Sisterhood 2015

Selebgram Hijab Fashion Show, Catwalk Over Sisterhood 2015

Selebgram Hijab Fashion Show di Atas Catwalk Sisterhood 2015

Sisterhood festive event in 2015, the Muslim gathering event is still ongoing. More and more the afternoon apparently hijabers who come to the City Hall area Kasablanka today, Saturday (05/30/2015). One one of the main reasons is they want to see celebrities Instagram (selebgram) skill performance by walking on the catwalk.


There are nine selebgram that appear with their own style. One is Iymel or Rizki Amelia stylish masculine blazer with matching black stripes. He complements his style with wide hat wide-brimmed hat or orange.


There is also Shella Alaztha, winner Hijab Hunt 2013 style Jual Jilbab Viscose Murah Harga Grosir Tanah Abang Terbaru with shades of white and blue with matching blouse and knee-length skirt combined with trousers. While selebgram are also young designer Rani Hatta, a casual look with a white shirt and black trousers were wrapped with outer shades of gray.


Besides other selebgram like Dwi Handa, Tina Asmara, and Ayu Aryuli also present with its flagship fashion each ranging from elegant, feminine, up glamor. Ninth selebgram looks supple walking on the catwalk like professional models. In fact, two of them, namely Iymel and Dhatu Rembulan now pregnant.


Dhatu which has tens of thousands of followers on Instagramnya account is able to ‘hide’ the size of the stomach with shades of white blouse. He seemed still stylish with matching trousers of cotton material which is not dreamy.


After the fashion show was over, the selebgram famous because of its unique style of each exit from the stage and mingle with the hijabers. They do not hesitate to take pictures with the hijabers already lined up to take pictures.


“Glad really able to meet directly at selebgram. So far only seen on Instagram alone. Apparently the original was also friendly yes,” said one visitor who was waiting queue Sisterhood take pictures with the selebgram.

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