Shown here’s Tips Into Chic Campus

Shown here's Tips Into Chic Campus


Shown Chic to the campus. A common problem among female students is the appearance that “it was only”, whether you have or frequently experience? Well, here are tips and tricks that you look to the campus is not boring.


hijab1. Mix & Match

Yep, this is the first and most important thing to consider in supporting the appearance of your campus. Although the clothes in your closet that’s it, with one piece outfit you should be able to forge padankannya with subordinates and hijab appropriate. When you use a clothes from head to toe that has been used before, you simply add a cardigan that can be worn or you just tie on your waist or shoulders. You will look more fashionable than before!


  1. Play with Colours Hit color?

Hijapedia It’s Your Community (87) Do not be afraid! Use a contrasting color on two pieces of clothing, for example, tops and veils. For subordinates you can use a neutral colored pants or skirts, like nude, denim, gray, and others. Or conversely, subordinates and hijab color contrasting and use neutral colored tops.


  1. Play with More Pattern

Patterned dress according to your body shape can also support the appearance of the campus-mu loh. Large-bodied Muslim should be wearing a hijab or small-patterned skirt. Instead, for Muslim underweight, use a larger motive. If you have high self-confidence, you can use two motifs as well. However, note motif that will be used. Pick a small motif with a matching color. For example, small polka dot print black and white with a pattern of small black and white houndstooth. Dare to be different!


  1. Accessories

Use of accessories that are not excessive. Just use one or two kinds of accessories. For bags and shoes, use neutral colors in order to “secure”. But if you want to highlight the shape or color of your bag or shoes, then wear a neutral-colored outfit.


  1. Touch Up

Who said to the campus should not be grooming? A student should use a minimum of powder and lip gloss or lipstick. Dress to campus rather than aiming to attract undue attention, but the goal for the face looks fresh and not pale. Before using the powder, you should use a facial moisturizer or sun block in order to protect your face. Do not forget to consider your skin type, yes! Let’s look chic to campus! Dress up can boost up your mood! Confidence is the key so that you look more beautiful. Hope it is useful.

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