Spanish eShop Ventures acquires subscription service Nonabox

E-commerce organization eShop Endeavors has included its profile and another manufacturer. EShop Endeavors obtained an internet membership service for mothers, Nonabox after obtaining BoutiqueSecret and online retailers El Armario de la Tele. This organization that was Spanish not performed very well when it comes to monetary outcomes and its own creators currently tried to find a customer of the rest of the belongings. Novobrief delivered to us this information having a concentrate on startups. The web site creates there is currently some speculation concerning Nonabox’s potential. A few months before, it released an internet site that attempts to assist its workers to locate a work in a diverse organization, Nonateam.


Nonabox was throughout Europe

Formerly, Nonabox lifted almost two-million pounds from many traders and also the organization produced 1.4 trillion pounds in gross margins and revenue this past year. ongkir pos dari yogyakarta ke palembang In Germany Italy and Portugal they achieved break-even.

Besides Italy, Nonabox had a reputation within Austria, Philippines, Italy, Italy and the Uk. Resources informed Novobrief eShop Endeavors is just obtaining the Spanish company; procedures in Italy and the united kingdom have previously turn off and also the organization is attempting to market their business in France and Germany.


As Endeavors chose to dominate the membership service, that occurred. This e-commerce organization currently obtained BoutiqueSecret and El Mario de la Tele, but additionally possesses internet programs Mamuky Expirt, Mimub and Matby.

Based on co founder Ramón Sánchez measurements that are “the were great, but our development recently continues to be flat”. Therefore when they desired to proceed developing in most the areas these were energetic, they required money to purchase advertising. But their newest fundraising initiatives failed, that offer fell suddenly, although because they were in the centre of shutting a €1.5 to €2 thousand round in December. Based on Novobrief, they’d to near procedures and promote the organization although no option.

About Nonabox

Nonabox was launched in December 2011 while offering membership deals with a myriad of items fathers and fresh mothers can use. Aside from the membership support, an internet shop also works so clients may straight buy all of the items that are offered within the Nonaboxes.
expect our average revenue per merchant to continue to increase as our merchants grow and we further expand our offerings.”

Revenue and net loss of Shopify
Also, the annual revenue Shopify made last year was about 99 million euros, whiles this was €47 million in 2013 and €22 million in 2012.

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