Startup KinerjaPay ~ Combine Marketplace with Online Payment System

Startup KinerjaPay ~ Combine Marketplace with Online Payment System


#teknologi World increasingly progressed very much increased, the development of digital business was increasing as well. It is seen from the groove toward the offline business online. With the changes in the flow of payment systems technology must be getting better again. On the basis of want to provide a comfortable virtual payment service startup KinerjaPay present to provide solutions.


Brief Profile Startup KinerjaPay is a #startup initiated by PT. Indonesia’s performance which aims to provide an online payment solution and services providing a wide range of vouchers. PT. Indonesia’s performance is a company that has focused on the development of IT and provide services to clients, such as web design, application software development, ISP, web hosting, cloud services, and other services that have been operating from the year 2007.


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Starting From Until MLM Marketplace


KinerjaPay startup journey not to be taken lightly. With enough experience, KinerjaPay be one of the players to be reckoned with. KinerjaPay not only provide a service for online payment, but also provide a marketplace and features Voucher Center. And pulled again KinerjaPay supply systems such as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)


KinerjaPay CEO, Edwin Ng explained that the various services provided KinerjaPay this is for the purpose to provide convenience for customers, therefore KinerjaPay trying to accommodate all these needs in a single platform.


Advantages Learned From Startup KinerjaPay


Customers who make purchases of e-wallet balance through KinerjaPay will get a bonus in the form of coins called KCoin. So later on when the coin is already collected quite a lot, the customer can redeem the coins with various attractive prizes that have been provided by startup KinerjaPay.


KinerjaPay itself now has a client that is diverse, ranging from the vendors, corporate to the individual. KinerjaPay also sells a variety of entertainment venues vouchers, several restaurants, karaoke owner, boutiques, to caf├ęs. It is provided in order to meet the interests and needs and wants to be a one stop solution service for its loyal customers.


Monetization KinerjaPay


Touched monetization problem, Edwin as CEO explained, KinerjaPay set pieces fee of two percent of each customer’s transaction done. In addition KinerjaPay also get revenue when users purchase items in the game and other features available service activation.


Startup KinerjaPay claim that their service has had a turnover amounting to Rp120 million to Rp150 million per month. KinerjaPay itself into one of the services that support the company’s revenue reached 50 percent. Touched active users, KinerjaPay claimed that they had had more than 10,000 members.


To continue to increase its revenue, startup KinerjaPay already doing a lot of promotion – promotion and active in social #media to introduce their services. Edwin also said that KinerjaPay will begin advertising in various media, ranging from print, billboards and television advertising with the aim to introduce the service.


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Industry startup #ecommerce Indonesia is one of the most rigorous realm of competition. Thus, though overall there are very many who are interested want to plunge into this ecommerce industry. KinerjaPay presence indicates that the realm of e-commerce in Indonesia is one of the excellent is still the target of digital businesses.


It is not likely to be a lot later ecommerce – ecommerce another will spring up to enliven ecommerce Indonesia. More and more, the more varied and certainly become more and more alternative e-commerce in Indonesia. Nevertheless it is expected more will appear ecommerce far more innovative and unique that could attract more customers.

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