Story or how interesting subject for later filmed

Story or how interesting subject for later filmed?

Hafiz: What is certain is done by filmmakers everywhere is the same, namely cultural activism. The point is the context being discussed are discrepancies between the relationship of humans with other humans, or one culture with another culture. So, in making the film, we are always faced to choose want to stand in the mananya. And I chose to stand in the area as I said before. If you watch the films Godard or [Abbas] Kiarostami, definitely there will always be discrepancies and in their films there is always a conflict created by the community. That’s my story and friends Forum Lenteng select. Suppose we want to talk about love that is a trend in our film industry, then love how this relates to the socio-political context. We could wake up from that standpoint.

In Rangkas Tales, for example, is told in a small town there is a bunch of lads who play punk metal music as “metal one finger” (metal but religious). From there look of its cultural history is also out of sync. But it’s also dangerous, often people actually search for it yourself unsynchronized, making it so exoticism. I reject that. We do not want mengobjektifikasi a problem.

FI: What about the issue of financing the films produced Lenteng Forum?images

Hafiz: Until now the cost is still of personal pocket. Here we do not have a good producer in terms of finding money to finance our films, in contrast to Edwin for example, that has a reliable producer. So the Forum Lenteng as a community that I wake up is one way for us to survive. There is an attitude of loyalty together. When we make Rangkas Tale, by chance we got the savings of the rest of the production of other projects.

Then now we are making three documentaries, which I think is quite large in scope. One of the documentary project capital for friends only way to Lombok, bring a camera, live there for a month, and document anything about interest to them. Roughly that’s how we made the movie, you could say we did it as a labor of love. Even if we are looking for sponsors, a bit difficult, because the works were created Forum Lenteng not have issues that can make people interested to finance it. The risk is also all kinds. Not sold, for example. But that should not make us to stop working.

Friends of my film makers out there who always say that they have aspirations to make films that do not follow industry. Idealist. But again behind the reason, “Yes we must earn money first, Fiz. Must be rich first and then make weird.” Logic does not enter into my thinking, because ultimately they make money not want to create something based on passion. In my opinion, if you want to make something, create it with all the resources that you have and believe it because it is a choice.

FI: In the form of whether the involvement of the Ford Foundation in Rangkas Fables?

Hafiz: Tales Rangkas is a film which is produced from one of the empowerment project Lenteng Forum, namely akumassa. There are some community empowerment assisted us in some areas outside Jakarta, and has been running for almost four years. Because it has been running long enough, there must be upgrading, or increase their capacity. Of which have only wear a video camera, I now take HD cameras. I said to them: “You are using the camera, and do the movie.” Be Tale Rangkas. When asked about the involvement of the Ford Foundation, they do not provide special funds, but they are one part that supports our empowerment projects already underway. Our own budget for Rangkas Tales around Rp. 5,000,000. That was just for incidentals friends to Rangkasbitung.

FI: Where Lenteng Forum distribute its films?

Hafiz: In this case we are different from the others. Because the initial mission Lenteng Forum is activism and education, we are targeting how the general public can access our works freely and be distributed again themselves, either through the Internet or hand-to-hand. Incidentally we have a fairly extensive network in some of the world’s film festivals. So every production Forum Lenteng sure we send there. Although it does not make the selection, at least they got our work in its database. Massroom films such as Project 2003, which consists of nine short films, which are compiled in the form of an omnibus. In 2011, the film yesterday was still around at several film festivals abroad. We can report.

We can not expect the distribution method like an established industry in terms of capital, and I am sure his films Lenteng Forum would not sell to buy. So there are things we need to know that movies that are like works of activism Lenteng Forum will not get into a box-office or cinema network, but it can become a kind of filter or counterweight to industrial and alternative fun spectacle for the crowds.

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