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Among the biggest food merchants in Scandinavia, Axfood AB, is beginning an e-commerce pilot project using their part Hemköp. Hundred chosen clients will have the ability to-order their goods online after which choose them up in the shop or ask them to shipped straight to them in the home beginning today. “This may be the pilot project”’s first-step, states Anders Strålman, President and Leader of Axfood. “During the fall the test will be expanded by us in Stockholm.” to one more two of our shops It’s simply hundred clients – from Axfood – since the Swedish organization really wants to consider things slow only workers within the first-step. As merchants don’t wish to create the error to become online too early anything we’ve observed often within the online food business.



E-commerce development in Sweden because of food retail market

Throughout the next 10 years, ongkir pos dari surabaya ke sidoarjo people in Sweden may invest a growing number of on e-commerce whilst the standard news release claims: from 5.8 million euros to about 32 million pounds, based on a brand new statement printed by HUI Study. “The food market may take into account a sizable section of this development, who’re not long promptly and as rapidly.” Particularly customers in large towns are growing really wants to take advantage of this.

The Hemköp pilot isn’t the only real action that is e-commerce from Axfood. It currently performed substantial e-commerce within the type of B2B revenue via Axfood via Axfood Snabbgross, for goods. Additionally they provide goods to Middagsfrid and home-delivery businesses Linas Matkasse.

Strålman claims Axfood sees developing curiosity about e-commerce their customers among all. Electronic business is viewed by the organization as an essential section of conventional shop revenue later on.

Online food shopping keeps growing quickly (it’s had yearly development of around 40%) but nonetheless when it comes to complete quantity it’s really low. As there are lots of problems to become confronted That’s not just a shock. Think about logistics and just how to deal with frozen and chilled items. “But interesting possibilities are seen by us within this development. For a somewhat bigger share, electronic revenue of goods will probably account over the following five decades,” claims Strålman.
net loss of €21 million last year, whiles it was €4.5 million in 2013 and €1.2 million three years ago.

According to the form, the shops of Shopify’s merchants averaged 300 million unique monthly visitors in 2014, 50% fo which were from mobile devices. Together, these shops processed an average of 5.3 million orders per month for the three months ended March 31, 2015 and sold an daily average of 350,000 products in this first quarter.

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