The Basics Of Flower Arranging

B-Thoughtfu – Arranging a bouquet of flowers in a vase is somewhat of an art form. However, it only takes a few simple tips to get you started in learning how to arrange the flowers, a little bit of practice and an eye for beauty. Before you know it you will be an expert floral arranger!

The Following Is The Basics Of Flower Arranging

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The Setting For The Flowers:

There are numerous ways to display a flowers. Virtually any type of container that is able to hold some water and some flowers can be used for your floral arrangement setting. Some possible suggestions would be a vase, a cup, a jar, a watering can or a pot. The important thing to look for when choosing the container that will hold your flowers is that it does not leak and that the opening at the top of the container is wide enough to hold the bouquet of flowers. Sometimes a block of floral foam is used when arranging flowers.

A floral foam block will hold the flowers in their desired position making floral arrangements much neater and more stable. The floral foam block needs to be cut to fit the shape of the container that you are going to use. This is best done when the floral foam block is wet. The foam block should be wet with some type of plant food solution to optimize floral conditions. Another idea to create an attractive floral arrangement piece is to add some colored stones, marbles or fish aquarium pebbles or stones to the bottom of the vase, if the vase is clear in color. When adding water to them you can use either a watering can with a long, thin spout or a bulb baster that you can find in your kitchen. Using either of these will keep the area mess-free.

Choosing Your Flowers:

Choosing your flowers can be exciting. You can be as creative as you like when doing so. You will want to choose three different types of flowers when selecting them. The main focus of your floral arrangement should take up the majority of your container. Whether you select a small and delicate flower or a large and full flower these flowers would be the greatest in number. These are known as mass flowers. Line flowers will keep your floral arrangement in proportion. Line flowers are generally quite tall flowers, such as gladiolus or snapdragon. Line flowers are often put in a thin, tall vase on their own to create an attractive look. Filler flowers are just what they sound like. Filler flowers take up space and fill in the empty spots of your floral arrangement. Baby’s breath is quite often used.

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The Arrangement:

When arranging your flowers you will need to cut the majority of the leaves off the stem. Leave only a few leaves at the top of most of the flowers. The stems will likely need to be cut before placing in the vase. It is recommended that they be cut double the size of the floral arrangement container. A few flowers should also be left with an extra couple of inches. These flowers will go in the middle of your floral arrangement. The filler flowers are the first to enter the container. The filler flowers should be crossed in an orderly fashion to make a base for the other flowers that you will be placing in the floral container.

You should then place the main flowers in the floral container starting at the outer edge and working toward the middle of the container with the few flowers that you left a bit longer being placed directly in the middle of your floral arrangement. Your eye will be the best judge of how your floral arrangement looks. You may need to make some changes in your floral arrangements to come up with the desired look that you are seeking. The more that you arrange flowers the easier it will become. You will soon develop a knack for creating just the right floral arrangement that will suit any occasion.

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