The Most Interesting Tourist Attractions in Jakarta

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The Most Interesting Tourist РJakarta is the capital city of Indonesia and an appealing tourist destination. It isconsidered to be the perfect blend of cultural influences from cities such as Bangkok andNew Delhi, but its architecture and culture is really unique. The place is heavilypopulated and there is no wonder that tourists come from all over the world to visit thecity. The airport in Jakarta is the main gateway for visiting the amazing sites of Jakarta and others in south Asia. Here are a few places to visit in Jakarta.
You can start by visiting the National Museum in Jakarta which is an important site whereyou can explore the history, archaeological discoveries, and evolution of the populationin the area. The museum is home to over 60,000 items, and that is only when we are talkingabout the prehistoric and the anthropological exhibits. There are also plenty of artifactstelling the history of the place since the Bronze era, or the Stone era. You can alsoadmire beautiful ceramics and sculptures from those ancient times. There are over 100,000exhibits in the museum, which is why it obviously deserves a visit.
If you travel with your kids, a good idea would be to take them to the Ragunan Zoo. Here,you can spot over 500 species of plants and three thousand species of animals from thecountry and distant corners of the world. The zoo stretches across an area that is tenhectors large and is a real pleasure to visit. Make sure that you dedicate plenty of timeto exploring the zoo, as there are many species to see such as the wild ox, the Komodolizard, and the Java tiger.
Inside Jakarta there are many places to explore. One is China Town where the Chinesecommunity thrives. You can simply stroll around the area admiring the houses and the shopsor you can indulge in a little bit of shopping. Traditional markets are everywhere alongwith vendor stalls that sell all types of things. The most popular market in China Town isGoldok Market where you can find electronics, Chinese merchandise, and a lot of hardware.
A hundred year old Catholic cathedral, the Gereja Kathedral, is one of the sites that youhave to visit if you travel to Jakarta. The neo-gothic style is what makes this religiousstructure special. You can also visit the museum that is found inside. Be aware thatduring afternoon hours the museum is closed for visiting.
The presidential palace, Istana Merkeda, was built during the Dutch dominance and despitebeing over one hundred years old, it is still beautiful and well preserved. Once you areinside Jakarta you can not miss this special site and you should take some time to visitit.
Jakarta is a city rich in tourist hotspots that includes the Puppet Museum, the MaritimeMuseum, and the Miniature Park. Make sure to take a long trip to Indonesia in order to explore the beautiful sites in Jakarta.

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