The Right Type of Flower Bouquet for Graduation

B-Thoughtfu – Flowers are used to commemorate happy and sad times in one’s life. All moments from baby births, birthdays, sangjit, engagements, weddings, Chinese New Year, Idul Fitri holidays, Christmas holidays, Valentine’s gifts, sick flowers, mourning flowers, and other special days. Giving and receiving a hand bouquet as a gift is one of the goals or expectations of all people. The bouquet of flowers helps to convey the expression of certain feelings from the giver to the recipient.

Online florists realize that graduation and graduation are also a special day for everyone. As a family, friend, partner or special couple, of course, want to order flowers or send flowers to your special person, graduation bouquets decorated with leaves and wrapped in flower wrap paper and floral ribbons will complete their day. However, what flowers are best for graduation prizes?

The Following Are The Right Types Of Flower Bouquets For Graduations

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Orchid flower

Actually there are no specific rules for choosing flowers for graduation. Orchid flowers that we usually see in the form of ornamental potted plants as ornamental plants, can be arranged in the form of a bouquet of flowers. A graduation gift with an orchid can be your friend’s graduation gift. Orchids represent the love and power that can be your expression to your friends that there is real life after graduation, and you care about them.


Lilies are the most loved fragrant flowers. To get a beautiful flower arrangement at an affordable price and various shapes or types, florist online flower shop will help you. Send and order flowers now!


In addition to orchids, there are also carnations that can represent luck. Carnations have a variety of beautiful colors. For the flower colors that you choose are tailored to the atmosphere of happiness and success. This beautiful flower is very suitable as a graduation gift that is expected to get good fortune from schools and universities. There are also types of tropical flowers that show adventure. This is perfect for graduation because it represents new graduates who are about to start a new life. Of course, online florists sell carnation flowers to surprise your graduation gift with a safe and reliable graduation flower delivery service.

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A rose gift from a flower shop can be another graduation gift option. Red flower bouquet, yellow flower bouquet, bouquet of orange roses, blue roses, rainbow roses, green roses, bouquet of purple roses, golden roses, pink roses and other color roses are your best choices.

Some complete this graduation prize with a graduation doll gift. A graduation doll with a bouquet of flowers is perfect for this moment. You can buy flowers based on graduation color themes or school color themes. Every school and university has its own color theme. For example, if the school’s color is red, you might consider using different red flowers to make graduation bouquets, you can use tulips, gerbera flowers, daisies, and others.

It’s all about choosing the right flowers for graduation prizes. You might also want to add other gift ideas in your gift package. Visit the online florist website, florists who can help you get the best graduation gift for your friend’s graduation party.



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