The Ultimate V-Day Gift Guide for Men

The Ultimate V-Day Gift Guide for Men

Whether he’s your husband, fiancé, boyfriend, or simply friends, finding the right Valentine’s Day gift is often slightly of a challenge. From budget-friendly offerings to stylish splurges we’ve searched online and Toko Bunga Jakarta to hunt out an array of cool, unique, and clever Valentine’s Day gifts for the special man in your life.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gifts and Gift Sets for Your Man

For a year that was unlike the other, give him a special and thoughtful gift that’s unlike the other.

The Ultimate V Day Gift Guide for Men


The first rule for 2021? To not mention 2020. We’re kidding actually, but why not celebrate the brilliant possibilities of this New Year with an aesthetic and funky new planner that lets him look to the end of the day and reflects his preferences. Brands like Papier offer dozens of design styles from bold, gold-accented artistic movement items to polished and professional planners. Pair with alittle plant and other elegant desk accessories to rework his WFH space from ho-hum to handsome.

Best Selling Plants

Accessorize and add life to any of his WFH spaces with slightly of greenery within the sort of succulents, Bonsai, or other easy worries for plants. Toko Bunga Jakarta Tower Succulent Trio could even be a perfect complement for his desk, kitchen counter, bedroom or bathroom of any size. With a muted color combination of cream, gray and black it’s bound to match any quite home decor from modern to classic. Even better? These tiny, hearty plants also are extremely easy to worry for. Succulents require little or no water or sunlight so as that they are the right little green companion for apartments or areas during a house or dorm that receive little natural light.

You can also show him how lucky you are feeling to possess him in your life with a Double Lucky Bamboo plant. Bamboo is believed to be an ancient symbol of prosperity and luck, so start 2021 off on a fortuitous foot with this contemporary and chic combat a classic tradition.

For another beautiful live plant gift, consider a Bonsai tree. Bonsais are an ancient Chinese tradition that was perfected further by the japanese . The Bonsai tradition goes back over 1000 years and there are many sorts so as that you are going to form bound to hunt out the right one for his V-Day gift. Show him that your love is timeless with a typical Juniper Bonsai or choose a more modernized blooming variety a touch just like the white flowering Abundance Gardenia Bonsai or pink Blooming Azalea Bonsai. regardless of what Bonsai you opt on it’s a sincere and thoughtful gift that you simply simply simply can rest assured he won’t already own Toko Bunga Valentine Jakarta.

Pair your small plant gift with a replacement novel he’s been eager to read or a luxury candle during a rustic wood, chai or charcoal sent from brands like Apotheke or the White Barn Candle Company. With a plant, candle and an honest book as gifts, he’ll be ready to sit back and luxuriate in his newly serene and beautified view (while thinking of you, of course).

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Whether he enjoys the finer things in life or features a big appetite , a shocking gift basket filled with his favorite snacks will always be appreciated on Valentine’s Day. Spoil and stun him with a Golden Tower of Godiva gift set. Towering full of Godiva fan favorites, this Instagram-worthy gift are becoming to be hard to top (literally). The luxe golden tower is stacked high with golden boxes of chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate truffles, biscuits, almonds then far more .

Another edible gifting option that’s whilst sweet is that the Golden Gourmet Gift Basket. Packed full of savory and sweet treats, this collection was designed to please the beloved in your life. The woven basket features a classy gold ribbon and is filled with an assortment of yummy snacks like Ghirardelli chocolates, bittersweet chocolate espresso beans, fine French truffles, gourmet popcorn and more. There’s plenty inside to savor on his own or share with the one he loves most.

If your man is looking to eat healthier this winter and beyond, a Gourmet Kosher Fruit Package could even be a decadent and delicious gift. Send him some sweetness with a curated collection of in season fruits from round the world. From Imperial Comice pears, Braeburn apples, kiwis and more, he’s sure to love this good-for-him gift.

Last but never least, what would Valentine’s Day date be without chocolate covered strawberries? These delectable, classic romantic treats are basically the unofficial Valentine’s Day indulgence. Toko Bunga Jakarta offers four unique sorts of chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day 2021. Traditional flavors include bittersweet chocolate and chocolate Covered Strawberry gifts, and every includes 12 decadent berries hand dipped by artisans in rich chocolate and drizzled in even more chocolate. other forms of this sweet snack include an outstanding festive Valentine’s six or Valentine’s Dozen sets that take the quality chocolate covered dessert and adds decorations like adorable heart-shaped sprinkles in red, pink and white.

To make your gift set even more personal, you’ll pair your thoughtful basket or sensual sweets with a present card to his favorite local cafe or wine store and support local businesses in your town together. Now isn’t that romantic?

Luxe Loungewear

With the lines between working, playing and relaxing reception continuing to blur, many Americans are upgrading their tired old cotton tee shirts and plaid pajama pants for an aesthetic set of matching loungewear during a sort of premium fabrics. From warm terry cloth hotel-inspired robes to silky matching boxer and shirt sets, numerous brands are offering excellent, lasting fabrics in designs he may never want to vary out of. Pair with a yearlong subscription for a streaming service like Netflix or Discovery+ for a soothing and entertaining gift you both can enjoy all year long.

Handsome Bouquets

This V-Day, surprise him with a shocking long stemmed white rose bouquet that smells amazing and instantly enhances any space it’s in. Pair with a bottle of Champagne or a minimalist black await an aesthetic and classic valentine he’ll always remember .

For a more colorful creation, let the sunshine in on chilly February day with a cheerful yellow rose bouquet. Make a grand statement with the Exquisite option that gives 36 stems during a vase delivered right to his (or your) door. Consider pairing your yellow roses with a classic cornflower blue tie or gold tone cufflinks and don’t forget to write down something lovely and romantic within the complimentary card.

High-Design Slippers

The house shoe is trending this year as many Americans still work from home. A well-made and ultra-comfortable slipper are often a both stylish and practical Valentine’s Day gift for any man. From haute couture brands like Fendi and Prada to wallet-friendly superstores like Target, there are numerous slides and slippers styles to settle on from. Pair his new footwear with a chunky knit throw blanket and you’ll have yet one more reason to cotton up through February and beyond.

Tech & Accessories Docking Station

Tired of phones, wallets, keys and other tchotchkes scattered about the space just waiting to be lost? A wooden docking station is that the perfect gift to store and even charge everything from Apple watches to earbuds. Support crafters from across the country by buying a handcrafted wooden piece from sellers on Etsy and add personalization like his monogram or a special saying. Most sellers offer an array of woods or finishes in order that you’ll confirm it matches the design of his bedroom, office or wherever you think that he will appreciate storing all his tech necessities.

Work(out) From Home Sets

With many gyms being closed, make understanding from home as easy and painless as possible by gifting him all the gadgets and gears he must stay in fighting shape. Check out home workout subscription services just like the Peloton app (no bike required) for a present that promises health and wellness. Pair with a pleasant set of Adidas or Nike shorts and sweat wicking Under Armor tee for a well rounded gift that he’ll look great in.

Virtual Cooking Classes

Give him an experience that’s socially distant and super fun with a virtual gourmet cooking class that you simply both can take together. Websites like Airbnb, Delish, The block and culinary superstar Gordon Ramsay all offer live and pre-recorded cooking classes to form decadent dinners, desserts and even creative cocktails. To make the night extra memorable and romantic, dim the lights, light some candles, escape the fine china and since you’re getting to be Zoom-ing live from your kitchen, might we recommend decorating with some fresh cut flowers to form the night even more beautiful?

Pair your virtual class with a homemade charcuterie board and a couple of bottles of his favorite wines – that way if the meal doesn’t end up exactly as planned you can always share a few glasses and laughs. If all else fails you’ll always treat the love of your life to some lovely takeout from his favorite Thai or pizza place. We’re sure he won’t mind.

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