This Habits Can Damage Your Kidneys

This Habits Can Damage Your Kidneys


If you know just this habit can damage your kidneys, nah what habits can damage kidney health check out the following article will review it in detail and complete that you can see here. Kidneys are one body organ which serves to filter the blood and toxins in our bodies. Each HRI kidneys filter blood and produce 200 liters 2 liters of waste in the body that are harmful to our health. Not only that, the kidneys also produce hormones that will absorb the mineral, then the health of our body is able to constantly awake. Well, Together so we already know how important kidney function in our body. So that from it we must always maintain kidney function in the body so that we can work well. When the kidneys do not function optimally, it could greatly pain in right side of abdomen endanger our bodies, especially to impair the performance of this one organ system. What are some customs that are capable of damaging the performance and function of the kidneys?, Here’s his review: needed by the body, This causes stress on the bladder. Against average this tradition still cool you naturally dikala asleep at midnight HRI. Stress of this kind can provide pressure that causes disruption of the health of the kidneys. Therefore, not to condone or delay willingness You quickly create urinating.


Frequent consumption of energy drinks


Who does not know these energy drinks?, Which we have encountered and are often consumed by most young people. In addition to refreshing, it also gives sensation to those who consume them. Especially in hot weather, this drink is one of choice to relieve thirst. But you know if the kidneys in our body has to work harder to filter substances contained in energy drinks?, If the habit was carried on – going, it could eventually damage the kidneys in our body.

Lack of drinking water


Water is one of the most important substances for our body in removing toxins in the body, especially water. Because water can mempelancar blood flow and renal function can make work optimally. That is why when you are dehydrated or water in the body, the toxins that accumulate in our blood will hurt and damage kidney function.


Rarely exercise


Indeed, exercise is essential for health. No wonder if the exercise is to support the health of one’s body and make the performance of organs in the body function properly. Did you know, lack of exercise frequency can affect the health of the kidneys. Because when you rarely make a move or exercise, then our organs can not be regenerated well, and will make your weight increases. In the end, such a case could damage the health of the kidneys and the buildup of cholesterol in the blood. Therefore, take your time to exercise tetutama in the morning to maintain the health of the organs in our body.




Smoking is not something foreign to our ears. Many can not leave this bad habit, ranging from the young to the elderly, especially men. No wonder if cigarettes also cause kidney damage, why?, Because smoking can affect the health of the blood vessels, which can impair blood circulation in a wide variety of important organs of the body, especially the kidneys.


Many Consumption of fizzy drinks


In addition to energy drinks, carbonated drinks can also damage kidney health. A recent study concluded that, soda will make the urine contains proteins that cause damage and affect kidney health. Therefore we should be able to choose what is good drink for body and not too often consume fizzy drinks.


Delaying urination


You often defer to urinate and hold it without immediately release substances that are no longer needed by the body, This causes stress on the bladder. In general, this habit still cool experience when sleeping at night. Stress of this kind will also give pressure that causes disruption of the health of the kidneys. Therefore, do not let or delay your desire to urinate immediately.

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