Tips To Buy Cosmetics False Not Fooled are Increasingly Many in the Market

The rampant sale of fake cosmetics harmful devastating. Figures circulating counterfeit cosmetics sales increasing. Number of fake cosmetics trade on the market today as many as 15 to 20 percent.
“These numbers are big and the trend is increasing because his actions were not as fast as it should be. Handling it shall arrests and communities need to be aware,” said Putri K. Wardani as president director of PT. Mustika Ratu, Tbk, which also served as the chairman of Association of the Company and Cosmetics Association of Indonesia.
Increasing the number of circulation of fake cosmetics This happens because many women are tempted by cosmetic affordable prices, regardless of whether abortion is dangerous or not. Dangerous cosmetic products which many ‘loved’ women are bleaching creams. Though not necessarily a safe ingredient for skin.
The negative impact of not only the skin but also impact on the health of the body, such as shortness of breath and kidneys. In order not to be fooled buy cosmetic products that are harmful refer to the tips expressed by experts at the seminar ‘One Select Cosmetics and Hazardous Products Leads Woe’ Hall Sasono Wiwoho, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Thursday (30/05/2013).
1. Buy in the Official Distributor
Purchase of cosmetic products in an authorized distributor for security products. Buying beauty products in a place not authorized you potentially get fake cosmetic products.
“There are economic interests there. Consumers are quite crowded when I sold the original, let alone fake ones with a lower price. Simply irresistible to companies that want big profits,” said Superintendent Arif Rachman as Head of Industrial Trade in Polda Metro Jaya Also present at the seminar.
2. Check the Product Content
Dangerous cosmetic products containing mercury, hydroquinone, retinoic, resorcinol and mercury. So consumers are encouraged to be more thorough look at the content of product labels listed. Avoid products that contain harmful ingredients if you do not want to feel irritation or even damage to the nerves and organs.
3. There is a Marketing Authorization Code
Each product has a code official marketing authorization. To determine whether a cosmetic brand has a marketing authorization code or not, you can check directly on the site BPOM (National Agency of Drug and Food). Only a few brands of cosmetics that include this marketing authorization code on the packaging.
4. Beware When Buying Products Online
The rise of online sales at Facebook, Instagram and website make the buying and selling of consumer facilitated in the purchase transaction. But should be wary when buying cosmetics. You will be hard to check the packaging, labeling, and content marketing authorization code if it is not seen directly.

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