Tips to Choose the Best Cards Wedding or Marriage

Wedding cards are very important to consider in planning a wedding item. Not only should talk about the dress, their style, their price, their elegance, design, etc. or accompanying wardrobe, ladies and gentlemen, and others. In addition, not only should talk of refreshing, pastry, decoration, music, local and even talking about the honeymoon; where and how to pass the moment, but you forgot to mention one thing. Well, you thought about the guests, but did not think about them you do get the invitation, or in case you have spoken, maybe you forgot to talk about the wedding cards that you choose to do so.

The best wedding cards

The best wedding cards

On the subject of wedding cards, you should take into account many elements such as:

First, the number of people to be invited to the wedding. Second, who these people are, how they are, what social level. Third, and once referred to above, you should talk about the quality of paper to use, you’ll include text, color and decoration, presentation, etc. Above all it must be noted that usually do not attend a wedding people from the same social class. And it is that if you have a social relationship with all people regardless of their social status, then you must take this into account so that when thinking about cards wedding they choose is taken into account at all levels and draw a card type somewhat standardized, which meets the expectations of all.

Wedding Card Tips

Here are some Tips for selecting wedding cards listed.

Arouse the interest of guest: the card is the first impression that the wedding guest will also send the card you will be the first form of initial contact with the theme of the celebration. Consequently, it is necessary to take the following considerations to properly choose the invitation cards:

Set aside a space to agree on the selection parameters such as: the content of the card, the color of the letter or card background, the kind of paper, decorations, etc.

The design of the invitation cards tends to vary depending on the wedding theme: there are two types of cards; formal or informal. As mentioned before, everything depends on the subject. The parameters are already set for the card, regardless of type, always seem formally. For example, it is more formal, the place the time and date with letters “November 12, two thousand fourteen at fourteen hours.”

Responsible for receiving: usually, in recent days has been that the parties are what make the invitation, then it means that the name of the bride and groom must appear first, followed by the date and time, then address the reception. If parents are inviting, then, in the left column, the name of her parents in the right column and that of his parents. Then “is pleased to invite you to …” and then name the parties.

Include a confirmation medium: for issues of budget and space is good to have certainty on the amount of participants, so it is advisable to include a line card for the guest to confirm their participation. It may be the phone number, mail, etc.

You can attach a median card inside large: as long as the opportunities are taken, you can do this. The idea is that the little card detailing the exact location, you can include a sketch directed to those who know the place.

The latter has to do with the guest’s name: it is your own decision to write the guest’s name you want to fist or typing, you just have to take into account the design of the card.

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