Tips to play FIFA Ultimate Team World Part 1

Hey buddy Direct Wiki, troubleshooting tips may need to be most severe in the FIFA 15 coin hack World?
Ok, just Direct Wiki will discuss it …. !!

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Indeed, nothing is perfect in this life, but it never hurts to be the best. Now for this discussion are described globally ahead of the next spare parts (2,3,4,5, etc ..). For perhaps the first time we talk about “how to get started as a beginner”. Here are his tips:

1. Use a potluck players while playing first

When you open this game for the first time, you are asked to play with the famous team or teams that exist in reality. At that time I chose Barcelona and Real Madrid my enemy. At this stage you are only focused on how to “game controlnya” and mechanical game. So it is not too great a focus on the problem or not.

After that you will be given 22 random players that have the rating bronze and 1 manager. Of course, if the name is not very satisfactory for free, the name alone is also new play. Well, after that you play only with 22 players it means that if every team there are 11 people then could 2x play because there are 22 players. But wait pal, each player works contracts approximately less than 20 (I also forgot, sorry because already long game). With so much had the opportunity to play more. But, usually because bored so someone must buy something for new players. And I recommend NOT TO BUY PLAYERS DURING CONTRACT OBTAINED had not yet run. By doing so, the coins will pile up little by little and …. just look at the results after that, you will reap the results of your hard work hehehe;) you can buy a pack / players of the results of the coin (recommended to buy the pack instead of

2. Skill moves not just for show

The availability of a lot of skill moves are used not just for show or show off, but can be used in certain situations. Skill most efficient for me is step over, it memungkinkanAnda to find the firing chamber and also attract many defenders.

3. The management team is the most important thing

Both players recommended to play with a 4-1-2-1-2 scheme, which is considered the most balanced either to attack or bertahan.Manajemen team is the most important thing, you can determine how the teams play according to your style of play and formation.

4. Stay calm if your opponent bus park

Playing against this way is difficult, whoever the enemy you play. It’s about how to keep your head to stay calm and not do stupid mistake. Stay calm when under pressure and do not blindly kick. Still keep the ball and play it and try another way to print gol.Ada many formations in the game, so if you’ve been in a winning position, you can change the formations used five defenders

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