Tips to Stop “Sweet Tooth”

English idiom is used to describe the habit of eating sweet foods or drinks. Sweetness usually are favored by almost all walks of life, yes. In fact, eating foods and sugary drinks to excess can lead Toko Bunga Jakarta Selatan to increased and cause health problems such as obesity, diabetes, and other diseases.


So, is there a way to reduce the desire to eat sweet foods?


Drink Enough Water

When you want to eat sweet foods, try to drink a glass of water first. If within 10 minutes you still feel hungry, you can eat snack in small portions. However, if you do not feel hungry within 10 minutes, your brain signals thirst only give the body often misinterpreted as a desire to eat.


Consumption in Small Portions

Kerry Neville, RD, a nutrition expert from the United states that the desire to eat sweet dishes can be overcome by eating these dishes in small portions. A piece of chocolate chip cookies or a small piece of chocolate candy will make better mood and sugar intake to the body stay balanced.


Select Food Low Calorie

Low calorie foods into healthier food alternatives to control the intake of sugar to the body. You can even create your own low-calorie snacks and other dishes using a low-calorie sugar as one of the basic materials. Low-calorie sugar has the same sweetness with calories that are much smaller than sugar.


Enjoy a variety of sweet foods will not make you feel guilty anymore when you eat them in the right portion. In addition to portion control, you can also make your own low-calorie foods that are healthy and delicious for your sweet snacks daily.

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