Top Anti Aging Foods

A healthy, varied and balanced diet, or in other words, a diet low in salt, fat and calories-is the best way to slow the effects of aging for example, the appearance of the first wrinkle-and avoid problems of health. Food can become our best ally antiaging. But what are the best anti-aging foods ?.

So-called “superfoods” are booming, certainly. From kale to the quinoa, through the kombucha. The problem is to incorporate them into our diet is almost as difficult as learn us their names. Upon reaching a certain age, we have certain nutritional needs, in addition to certain health problems. So here are the foods that will help combat the effects of aging, and, on the other hand, are pretty good.

– Plum. It contains antioxidant ferulic acid. It has been shown that consumption helps against colon cancer.
– Garlic. It is considered an antibacterial food thanks to allicin content and ajoene.

– Uva. As you have heard, is very rich in resveratrol, an antioxidant found mainly in the skin of grapes. It prevents cardiovascular diseases, anticancer, antioxidant and antibacterial.

– Apple. Very rich in quercetin, phytochemical very effective against lung cancer also considered anti-inflammatory (ideal for arthritis).
– Strawberry. Highly recommended for people with strong family history of cancer. It contains an antioxidant called ellagic acid is very powerful for preventing malignancy in the lung, breast, esophagus, cervix, prostate and tongue.
– Watermelon and tomato. Both watermelon and tomato, contain an antioxidant can be considered the main, which is called lycopene, which is responsible for the color of both. It is very effective in preventing cardiovascular disease and prostate cancer, breast, cervical, lung and stomach.

Did you know that watermelon juice is the natural Viagra as science

– Carrot. The main phytochemical carrot is beta-carotene, which is very important to maintain our healthy eyes, skin and digestive system. Its antioxidant action is mostly very effective in controlling lung cancer.
– Broccoli. Sulforafanio contains as the phytochemical component blocking cancer cells preventing their proliferation.

Confirmed !. Broccoli kills cancer cells and prevent their proliferation

– Eggplant. In the skin are called anthocyanins, which prevent the formation of free radicals.

To eat eggplant, which they are good for health

– Beets. Besides many folate, betaine contains the call. It is highly recommended for people suffering from stress because it reduces the chance of having a heart attack.


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