Tour Raja Ampat

Paket Tour Raja Ampat

Here are some favorite island that became the most frequented tourism.


Wayag Island
Menadi Wayag island belle island for tourists. On this island there is a coral island on which it is overgrown with lush trees so that when viewed from the ship, the sea looks greenish. Clear sea water make you can see marine life firsthand.
Island Waiwo
Do not forget to visit the island Waiwo. A sense of cool and comfortable will you feel because the island is full of lush trees beside the beautiful sea. Various marine activities you can do, such as swimming, diving or simply snorkel to see the beauty of marine life in the clear water. Small fish with a wide variety of colors appear adorable to the touch. You can touch the fish, but there is a ban for his arrest.
For those of you who like a challenge, try to climb the Coral Island. To climb, you will pass through steep, even to tilt 90 degrees. It takes extra effort to reach its peak. But, guaranteed you will not regret if successfully reached the summit. From the height of the peak of Coral Island, you can see the entire green islands interspersed with blue water.
Gam Islands
Done with the beauty of the sea and islands, you can enjoy the beauty of fauna typical of Papua, the birds of paradise. There are 4 types of birds of paradise that are here, the red bird of paradise, paradise big, small paradise and paradise split rattan. Things to Do birds of paradise dancing can be enjoyed in the islands Gam. Has provided a place to see the dancing paradise. Dlaam wooden houses, visitors can see how the male birds of paradise feathers beautiful show in order to attract the attention of females paradise. Attraction can only be seen at certain times, namely in the morning, at 07:00 to 09:00 and in the afternoon at 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m..
Island Arborek
Done adventurous and enjoy Raja Ampat, it’s time to buy souvenirs in the village located on the island Arborek Arborek. Various souvenirs from pandan leaves have dikreasikan forests by local communities become kayafyof (cap), camshaft (bag) is great, noken for mobile phones and other creations.

Raja Ampat has the attention of the world as one of the tourist attractions worth visiting. Preserving the environment and the flora and fauna that exist there must be a concern that the Raja Ampat can still be a paradise for nature lovers.

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