Travel Story nan Pretty Unique Style Hijab Ala Angel Lelga



Decision of the women when choosing to hijab is not easy back your hand. Dibuthkan readiness of the liver and is also a strong commitment to close the genitals, because the hijab means you are ready to give a good example to the people around.


Berhijab means close the genitalia, where the dress was no longer visible parts of the body curves. In the hijab must also comply with the principles and teachings of Islam.


That’s what happened to one of the phenomenal celebrity, Angel Lelga. Angel admits it started to wear the hijab because she entered the Islamic political party. Hijab is a way to appreciate the party and also the seniors.


“I wear the hijab was initially due to enter into Islamic political parties. Since the beginning is to respect my seniors, I finally wear the hijab, so it is more comfortable and there hidayahnya too. So I wear hijab Inshallah  kebaya pengantin muslim get this now,” said Angel Lelga to Vemale when found in the area of ​​South Jakarta Ahmad Dahlan Monday, May 4th, 2015.


His desire to wear the hijab was welcomed by friends and the fans. Therefore, dangdut singer is still a commitment to wear clothes covered with the veil.


Over time, the veil Angel Lelga become a trend. Because hijab style and classic style that makes a lot of people not to mention the fans imitate stylenya.


“Actually I did not create trends, models My hijab is. Since I use a simple happy hijab and motifs hijab is a classic. But, yes alhamdullilah lot of love,” he said with a laugh.


Angel recognized that he was pleased when her hijab style indirectly invites the women to participate hijab. Angel felt he managed to give a good example.


“I’m happy so now many are using the hijab, so I invite the women give a good example. Friends I was finally many socialites who use the hijab. The hijab does not mean afraid to miss fashion,” added the woman who likes to dress dolls from childhood Barbie was.


Then what the hell Angel hijab style that has been popular with women of Indonesia?


“The style of hijab Angel was preferred as front ring pull, pull the middle of the ring, or ring put on his head. And another characteristic of classical motifs and always using silk material,” concludes Angel.

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