Travelling and enjoy Jakarta with bluebird cabs used cars

Cars-used car taxis usually avoided society. But with a price that is cheaper than any other used car, used cars taxi ever could be an option.

And sometimes, used car taxis are still unreliable, such as a car-used car Blue Bird. Although the 5-year-old, a former Toyota Limo taxis sold by Blue Bird Bird still gives the sensation of driving fun.

With the price of Rp 79 million, certainly cheaper than the same year Vios average sale above Rp 100 million.

For a taste of the toughness of the former Blue Bird taxi Limo, menjajalnya get the opportunity. The route taken ranging from Blue Bird Group headquarters in Mampang, Jakarta to the Museum of transportation Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Various road conditions is some other media crew.

Indeed, the odometer in sedan Limo driven cars review already record numbers 300,000 80s km. However, the resulting engine performance Limo of the year 2009 is still okay.


When trying to push this car, could feel a fairly smooth acceleration. The manual transmission transfer still smooth, with a clutch pedal lightly and this is cars review 2015

Want to know what it is like driving a used Limo taxi Blue Bird? Yuk, check out his review here.

Prior to the probe of the superiority of the former Blue Bird taxi Limo, there is no harm if we start to discuss from the exterior. What are the uniqueness of the exterior?

Blue Bird Group offers four packages of exterior upgrades. Standard package, package upgrade rims, upgraded rims and spoilers as well as upgraded body kit and rims have been presented by Blue Bird Group.

For the Standard version, ex Blue Bird taxi Limo for sale from Rp 79 million. For package upgrades, price differences from standard version from Rp 10-30 million, depending on consumer demand to upgrade the Limo was.

Blue Bird Group offers Limo exterior color with black commonly used private cars. Ranging from red to black, silver can be booked customers.

The limo ride and new honda pilot review is the upgraded version rims. The impression used cars Limo taxi driven not reflected because of an increase in the applied exterior Blue Bird with new coloring and new rims. Increasing it gives the impression of a more sporty sedan.

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