Treatment Demi’s father, Hockey Athletes Come Sunsilk Beauty It Hijab Hunt

Treatment Demi’s father, Hockey Athletes Come Sunsilk Beauty It Hijab Hunt

Demi Pengobatan Ayah, Atlet Hockey Cantik Ini Ikut Sunsilk Hijab Hunt

Many reasons were disclosed hijabers when present at the audition Sunsilk Hijab Hunt 2015. Not the least of which are admitted to join the national event because it wants the prize in the form of cash and Umrah. The prize recognized they will be given to the parent.


One who has the motivation is Molina Ulfa Ramadan. Hijabers aged 21 years was admitted to follow Sunsilk Hijab Hunt for the sake of his father who was ill. If you win, the money will be used later for treatment of his father.


“My father has heart disease since two years ago. The pain is also equally Kerudung Di Tanah Abang Grosir Murah complex there diabetes high blood pressure, so if I win, I’ll want to use for the treatment of fathers,” said Molina when talking with Wolipop in Mega Bank Tower, Jl. Captain Tendean, Selatab Jakarta, Saturday (30/05/2015).


Student of the University of Indonesia (UI) that will demonstrate its ability to play hockey. Women 21 years of claims that he is one of the hockey athlete in college and being the only hockey player he was kept in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Social) UI. Although the use of the veil, women who have Arab-Pakistani descent is no difficulty while playing hockey although it took a fast movement.


Molina ordinary hair rolling around this by implementing appropriate and practical in order to make it easier to apply veil when moving. He hopes one day become a professional hockey player to the international sphere.


“I hope that the future can be hockey athlete who not only university level but also nationally and even internationally,” he said later before ending the conversation.

Playing a musical instrument into one of the talents displayed much hijabers in Sunsilk Hijab Hunt 2015 audition Jakarta. Played guitar and keyboard many participants, but there is one instrument which is quite rarely mastered is the saxophone.


At the audition this time, Ainun Amalia dared to be different enough to show off his talent is playing the saxophone although recently studied. In front of the jury, the 19-year-old woman’s rendition of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow ‘.


He just learned the saxophone seriously pursue one year ago and Sunsilk Hijab Hunt, is the first place Ainun demonstrate saxophone talent in public. Although not long ago, Ainun pretty good at blowing and playing fingers that come out beautiful tones of the saxophone.


“Love the saxophone from kindergarten because mama likes to hear songs of Kenny G,” said Gunadarma University student, when audition at Mega Bank Tower, Jl. Captain Tendean, South Jakarta, Saturday (05/30/2015).


Ainun had studied the saxophone in a music class place. But he admitted more comfortable learning themselves self-taught. Looking ahead, a woman born in Makassar is hoping to become a professional sax player.


To pursue his dream, he intends to apply to music school next year. Being a soloist, is the greatest ideals.


Ainun also told that his motivation joined the event organized by AFP and Trans7, in cooperation with Sunsilk is to please his mother. According to him, the mother who supports him to participate in the competition in order to develop his talent.


“Mama very support. And this is a first step I to dare to show talent. Because before I was confident and nervous,” said Ainun.

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