Types of Blue Flowers for Weddings

B-Thoughtful – Unusual blue flowers, ranging from simple cottage garden flowers such as corn flowers, to exotic and mysterious blue orchids. If you have a taste for fantasy, or just a very unusual one, then you might find yourself attracted to blue flowers, but beware. Your choice is important, because there are far fewer flowers to choose when you turn blue, and it’s far more difficult to be precise about colors.

Here Is A List Of Types Of Blue Flowers For Weddings


Blue Hydrangea Flower

Like iris, you can find blue hydrangeas in a variety of colors, from pale blue, almost aqua and bicolor blue / beige which are often described as ‘antique’. Like water hyacinth, you can use large flowers in bouquets and arrangements, or you can separate them, attach small wires to make something much smoother. You can, for example, make a bouquet from a large single hydrangea head, then connect a small portion of hydrangeas and place them outside to make a bouquet of more beautiful styles, all in blue, blue and white or a mixture of pastel colors. Check that the hydrangeas you offer are natural blue or have been colored.


Beautiful natural blue flowers, corn flowers are ideal for brides looking for informal ‘freshly picked’ bouquets, they blend well with other ‘wild’ herbs and flowers. The perfect blue and white country style bouquet can be made from white corn and ranunculus flowers, flowers that are very similar to miniature peonies, but are actually a variety of buttercups! For something more striking, choose a golden yellow ranuculus, and add white gerbera to a group of beautiful dark blue corn flowers. Corn flowers are not big flowers, so if you want to combine them with roses, consider spraying roses. The head is smaller and more scaled.

Iris Flower

Available in all shades of blue, and usually with beautiful gold splashes, striking iris flowers, beautiful flowers, but not easily arranged. Their fleshy stems don’t work well with florist foam, and flowers can be very delicate. Nonetheless, they are a sophisticated choice for spring brides, your bouquets and arrangements can be made entirely from irises, get this year’s look from several shades of a single color by bringing pale blue and dark blue irises together.

Hyacinth Flower / Grape Hyacinth

Hyacinths are not only beautiful to look at, they have beautiful scents, and there are at least two ways to use them in your bridal flowers. You can use large intact fleshy stems in flower arrangements that allow them to add their beautiful perfume to your wedding reception. You can also remove the small water hyacinth bells and wire them individually to make a very delicate bouquet. It looks beautiful when mixed with other beautiful fragrant flowers like lily of the valley. The little water hyacinth head can be used in the same way.

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Blue Orchid Flower

Probably the most exotic of all flowers: there are only two orchids that are truly blue, most of which you will find in flower shops have been colored. Blue orchids are symbols of eternity, according to some, or others, of impossible dreams. A number of beautiful Vanda orchid varieties with purplish blue (for example ‘Royal Blue’ or ‘Blue Magic’, but true blue orchids are Thelymitra Cinita from Australia, and are rarely found in flower shops. More expensive than corn flowers, vanda orchids and dendrobium has elegant, curved stems, or draws flowers from the stems and uses them like that!

Visit our website for more information about blue flowers for weddings where you will learn all about making simple but effective wedding centerpieces and other flower arrangements. We have several pages about blue flowers (as well as many other colors) and DIY projects that show you how to make your own bridal centerpieces and bouquets.

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