Types of Sympathy Flowers That Deserve To Be Given

Bunga Duka Cita Jakarta – When someone who is important to you is gone, it can be a sad time for everyone. First, there is sadness that must be faced. Then, stress from trying to find the right flower to show your support.

Sometimes spending time choosing the right sympathy flowers can help someone overcome loss. This may involve choosing flowers that have meaning associated with them. Choosing the right type of flower is a way to remember what the deceased means to you and the opportunity to remember positive memories. A good start is to find a flower that has a meaning or special memory for you that involves the deceased. Fortunately most of the people who work as Bintaro Florists have knowledge and understanding. Usually there are some sympathy flower arrangements that they can suggest. Some people just want to choose a good setting and send it. Others may need help in choosing the right sympathy interest. They want flowers that have special meaning for them, or for people who have died.

Sending flowers to a family, who has just lost a loved one, is an effective way to express sympathy. In addition to expressing sympathy, sympathy flowers can also be used as a way to pay respect to people who have died and to brighten up a sad atmosphere. Today many flowers are sent to express sympathy but there are some flowers, which are traditionally associated with sympathy, loss, remembrance and funeral. Such flowers are more suitable than others to be sent to grieving family members because they give meaningful cues. Some types of sympathy flowers that deserve to be given. Listen to our review below.

The Following Are The Types Of Sympathy Flowers That Deserve To Be Given


Alstroemeria Flowers:

These flowers are about twists and turns in friendship. They also come in a variety of colors, each with their own meaning. A simple flower that can represent friendship with each color that shows the type of their friends.

• Golden yellow alstroemeria flowers will be for someone who brings joy and a soft heart into your life.
• Orange alstroemeria will be for someone who is full of confidence and has a great desire to live. This flower symbolizes someone who is warm and full of energy and enthusiasm in life.
• Pink alstroemeria is for someone who is young, gentle and happy.
• Red alstroemeria is for people who are full of passion and strength.
• Alstroemeria lavender is for people who are graceful, delicate and elegant.
• Purple alstroemeria can be for people who are noble, successful and dignified.

White Lilies:

This is quite often seen in funeral flower arrangements. They symbolize the innocent recovery of the soul of the deceased.

Snapdragons Flowers:

This is often found in sympathy flower arrangements. Maybe it’s because they are beautiful flowers that come in many colors.

Chrysanthemum flower:

This represents optimism and excitement. A nice flower to celebrate beautiful memories in someone’s life.


Roses are also quite symbolic.
• White for humility and innocence.
• Red is for passion and love.
• Yellow is about friendship.
• Pink is for appreciation and admiration.
• Orange shows enthusiasm.
• Purple is about charm and love at first sight.


These flowers also have strong emotional symbolism.
• White carnations are about pure love and good luck.
• Bright red is about admiration.
• Dark red indicates deep lasting love.
• Purple is about a child’s disorder.
• Pink carnations represent your eternal love.

Gladioli Flowers:

It is available in many colors. They also represent strength and moral integrity. And symbolizes piercing the heart, with love usually, but also in sadness with the loss of a loved one.

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