Unique Nail Art Designs

Unique nail art designs Nail art

The trend of old age fashion stud is certainly one of the hottest trends. From shoes to handbags and clutches, even embrace women’s clothes, they and even some men, as high-end fashion accessory. Women love especially the studded tires from top to bottom. No wonder, then, that the pins have found a way to nail. The pines is an easy but creative way to decorate your nails. If the nail in a variety of styles, they look rivets. The simplest studded drawings to make a “BOLD” mode statement.

unique nail art designs

unique nail art designs

The best gel nail Art designs pictures

Because of the color of the nail gel colors are used in the production of pigments to form. Gel nail art design ideas is simply models who made the ‘freezing’ of nail colors. Gel nail art could give a more polished look by adding a color nail gloss of the jacket should be higher.
1. Black gel nail design:
You must be a member of the bold and the beautiful through this beautiful black nail gel painting. It’s just the black color is used for the nails; It is unique in the ring finger, which is a silver medal, square shaped stones added to art. It looks very elegant and complete the beauty of the Palm, a large rectangular ring is used, which certainly attracts a lot of attention.
2. The design of nails blue gel:
Now, it is so common on the edges of the painting the nails. Design of nail gel with two shades of blue to the first color in the highest nail-Indigo. Then added gel pumps silver nail color and draw the border as after the indigo color. The lighter color blue and make another race, just like the previous two and color under glittering in the gel. Finally, add the second which shone on the border and is ready to go.

The finger of replacement of designs new nails by 2015 in the spring and summer

1. The water Marble Nail Art in the spring and summer
Pick up a few shades of spring was big and bright and create a few reasons colored on the marble by nails nails nails. Water marble nail art style is the best for you, if you have long nails. Select up to three shades for best results. Here are some pictures that will help you to choose the shade in summer, the water in a marble nail art.
2. Palm Tree Nail Art summers
Get your nails the soothing sensation of palm beach and the Palm tree in the shadow of the nail. It is the finger of replacement designs Nail Polish Teal Palm tree and colours of the summer fishing.
3. The highlight of the shadow
Ideas to make the nails of the shadow for the next warm season. You can add glitter – if you’re Pure Ice Nail Polish on the ball.

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