Viar Indonesia Launches Mini Trail and transport of goods

Not just a row just the Japan motor show off the latest products at the national automotive market. Because any Motor Indonesia Viar preparing presents the latest model for consumers in Indonesia.

Based on the received invitation, Tuesday, June 16, 2015, Viar Motor Indonesia will launch Mini Trail and commercial motor Works-Mini Dump Truck-R3 300 cc tomorrow Wednesday 17 June 2015.


Both this new motor will be launched to coincide with the events in Jakarta Fair Kemayoran (JFK) or Jakarta Fair (PRJ) 2015 in Booth Viar, Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

Specifically for Mini Trail, kehadiranya is one of the promises Indonesia Motor Viar to cope in the national automotive market. Because, trail segment is indeed not much acclaimed revival of original motor manufacturer Japan. If there is any, it was enough to drain the pouch.

Earlier, Deputy Director of Marketing Viar Motor Indonesia, Akhmad Zafitra Dalie stated reason puts a small-engined 100cc motorcycle trail because many owners of an underbone is precisely the change so the motor trail.

“Like the 100cc special minimoto, it’s for the kids responsibility. We brave the plunge in this market due to the rider (her father) riding a trail and it turns out that many of his children also love, “said Dalie.

Whereas Viar works Mini Dump Truck-R3 300 is itself a motor tricycle which at the back can be used for transporting goods or it could be used for commercial activities.

In addition to the strong and tough motor viar is also used as a transport by the entrepreneurs who trade items are very heavy. Therefore this real tough viar field be it dangerous and slippery terrain terrain once did

therefore viar became one of the best agents who sell a product charge items that we can transport in a matter of minutes

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