Winter Feel Free as Garden Decoration

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Nick and Katelin from Ephrata transferred into an residence that had previously belonged to an aged family member. Within the initial years, they began to renovate the inner of the house but lately started initially to flip their focus on the encompassing landscaping, grass, and trees. The shrubbery was over-grown the grass was in bad design, as well as, there was a gigantic Mom tree towering over your house. Since the first cycle inside their landscape undertaking, the old shrubs tore out and got down the Holly. Lately, they re-scored and seeded the garden areas.

When we teamed up for your Arbor Day Pine Giveaway, the contest was joined by Katelin. Their chances might attempt to be arbitrarily harvested to acquire a fresh shrub rooted on the house. We gave 6 varieties to them to choose from, 2 decorative trees 2 color trees, and 2 evergreen trees. Nick were the happy winners. She was delighted about their win once I called Katelin.

I sought out to fulfill together with her and we talked about the destinations that were possible and the tree possibilities. After discovering that certain of their next initiatives is always to build a patio about the back of these residence, we reached in conclusion a shade tree in the back garden nearby the deck could be greatest. This element of their yard gets plenty of sun as southwest is faced by it. Winning the contest for a free shrub came at a fantastic period. Planting a tree now in place of decades later will give them some tone due to their deck before.

To produce points even greater, when our landscape design installation crew went to pick up the pine, the nursery didn’t presented a larger tree in the same cost to us and possess the dimension we were considering. This recommended that Nick & Katelin got a 3″-3.5″ caliper Red Sun Maple, which towers in a 15′ elevation. It won’t be long before their dog Cooper and they will undoubtedly be experiencing the color using this Maple tree when its leaves available within the next months. Some compost was added by us round the tree’s foot and I presented some watering directions that were detailed to them to maintain their tree living on the next couple decades.

Congratulations to Katelin & Nick! We hope you enjoy your tree for the ages in the future. Thanks to all you who entered this promotion. In case you would ever wish to speak to us about tree planting or any of shrub care, garden care, the different landscaping, or pest-control providers we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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